Guilty pleasures?

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  1. Do any of you have bands that you secretly love to listen to, but you're too embarrassed to let your friends know?

    It's Linkin Park for me. :eek:
  2. Kid Rock. My friends just wouldn't understand. I've also been known to cruise around with the radio on the country station but that doesn't leave the internetz. (I just added internetz to my spellchecker, the English language is doomed)

  4. john mayer, Journey, dave mathews band,..... i like a lil classic rock but other then that im strictly rap so my friends love to give me shit about listening to john mayer

    but fuck them john mayer keeps it real ;)

  5. lol Linkin Park for me too,

  6. He's a talented guy, deserves more credit.
  7. I really dig the John Mayer trio's tight as hell.

    I guess 80s dance music could be considered my guilty pleasure...I just love the synths and drum machines. Sue me!
  8. cyndi lauper for me,,,, i got a album of hers and play it often,,,

    good beats to me,,, but when i hear a knock on the door and it's on,,,

    it's off before i open the door,,,,:cool:oh youd be amazed at the music i have,,,, old school at that,,, albums, real albums from a long time back,,, '' like the best of loretta lynn+ conway twitty''

    louisiana woman ,,mississipi man'' oh you young blades need some history in your musical knowledge''

  9. Yeah, we listen to Linkin Park...wanna fight about it? :laughing:
  10. but i dislike John Mayer

    theres too much love in the mississippi heart
    too much love in this louisiana heart....
  11. When I saw the words 'Guilty Pleasures' in the music hall, I thought this would be about jerking off to a Hansen poster or something.

    OK, I'll admit it. Thoses little girls are sooooo hot....wait,what? :confused:They're guys? :eek:No wonder they have such small breasts!

    Now I feel really guilty....MMMMMMMMMMM,Bop!
  12. Korn for

    i listen to so much heavier and brutal music now. i thought they were the heaviest 7 years ago.

    now. you can cha cha or some dance routine to it. lol
  13. LOL Oh god, its gotta be Alice In Videoland.

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  14. Creed :eek:

    I was a hardcore christian back when I was 14ish, and learned a lot of their songs on guitar when I was learning. Now, I'm a fucking metalhead... so yeah my friends just wouldnt understand. i think they have some decent guitarwork, not the most difficult, but not exactly the easiest, IMO.
  15. Barenaked Ladies, though i'm not at all afraid to tell anyone, they're a funny, good fuckin band

    I like the song holla back girl by gwen stefani, its just so goddamn catchy

    this shit it bananas
  16. Maroon 5 and Coldplay. Most of my close associates listen to rap, well all of them, and i do too, but sometimes a bitch need to listen to some "Yellow". lol
  17. Justin Timberlake... I'm bringing sexy back, ya'll.
  18. [ame=""]YouTube - Ace of Base - The Sign[/ame]
  19. Squee! :love: Ace of Base is the shit.

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