Guilty feeling when calling In

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Slilent, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Anyone else ever feel guilty calling into work?

    Throat hurts
    Stomach hurts
    Been screwed doing a 2 man job for a month straight. All solo cause shit heads no call no show I love the job but god dam these young folks treat this shit like a joke.

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  2. You mean calling out?
  3. The correct vernacular is "calling in to work" because in order to take a day off, you need to call in to work to tell them your not coming in.
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  4. I only do if Im faking it
  5. Yea I feel guilty bc I am a leader and dedicated. Even after 60 + hours. Without me, my jobs don't get done.

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  6. But technically your calling into work to call out. So isint that still calling out of work.
  7. Yeah I get scared to call in i don't even know why and it's not even a. Serious thing :/

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  8. I get nervous too because I'm like, I'm probably going to stay home and get high instead of working and making money, blah.

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  9. I rarely get sick but when I do i hardly ever am able to miss work. Sucks but I got to do what I got to do to keep things going.
  10. I'm not a great liar and I never like to disappoint. So I show up to work whether or not I feel sick. Fuck I even kept skating to work on a broken foot... until the damage had already been done :sad:
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  11. At some point depending on if your work for a faceless company that you need to realize that you need to be as loyal to them as they are to you. Sucks cause if you spend years going the extra mile that when you need them to go a few inches for you the company handbook says they cant.
    Its a hard lesson and its disheartening but its the way of the world.
    If you work for a small place that treats you well good for you but that also depends on who is charge at the moment.
    It took me close to 25 years to get fucked over enough to get the attitude they installed.
  12. 20160430_083725.jpg Yeah, but i dont like being viewed as weak. Rn im laying on the ground for 7 hrs/day cuz internal hemorrhoids are painfull. But fuck it, any means necessary. Im hiding on the left side where no can see, only get up when doors open.
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  13. Hell naw i don't feel guilty for calling off .. the company never gives a shit about the employees, all they want is the job to get done .. you can call and say hey i can't come in bcuz i'm on my death bed & their response would be so does this mean your gonna be coming in a little late?? what time will you be here?? .. with that being said why should you feel guilty about giving yourself a break? knowing damn well they wouldnt give a shit or feel guilty about burning you out or working you to death .. callin in sick only fucks with my money but not my conscious & thatz real ..
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  14. It's not something I love to make a habit of, even in the shittiest of job situations, but damned if I still don't feel horrible doing it, no matter how sick I am or how much right I have to. I've been in that sketchy 'being sent home' spot more than a few times because I tried to plow through it, only to have my manager insist otherwise. Granted, there have been a few instances where I didn't give a shit for very pressing and legitimate reasons, but that is far more the exception than the rule. It just sucks when the shoe is on the other foot and you and your crew are fucked because of the lack of one person and you know what that's like, it's never not on your mind when it's your turn to call in.

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  15. I've got paid sick/vacation time and I still don't like calling out of work.

    It's weird.

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  16. Most employers don't really give a fuck about you, so you shouldn't give a fuck about them. Do what you need to do to get their money and don't give it a second thought.
  17. You guys must work for some shit companies. There's better places out there, get too applying if the companies you work for are so miserable. You're the only person who can change your situation. I bet most of you don't even try to improve, just set and cry about how horrible it is...kind of sad
  18. That guilty feeling is just letting you know you still got your shit together.. I know a couple people who do not hesitate to do this type of shit every god damn day because they do not get feelings of guilt over practically anything. Those folk you really gotta watch for, but everyone else i am sure contends with this feeling of guilt, even if the absence is genuine.
  19. Depends how bad do you need the money if you don't say no your well being is more worth than a shitty job that don't care about you

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