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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeStoopid, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. How many of you deny that you smoke weed when people ask you or say somethin like oh i used to sometin like that. I know sometimes i feel like i ahve to lie about it cuz people will judge me...
  2. i have a friend who is like that.

    they didn't tell me till recently, even though I could already guess.
  3. i hate to say it but im like that. most of the times if people ask me if i smoke i say no
  4. I never deny my smoking when asked. Any usually follow with "you tryin to smoke?"

    Only exception would be Police/Employer.
  5. fuck what people think dude, live your own life the way you want and be proud of your chioces, there is nothing to be ashamed about smoking, marijuana would save our fucking planet if it was legal, enviromentally and socially.
  6. I find myself in that same situation a lot, its either 'I used to', 'sometimes' or "uhhh..No"
  7. Depends lol. Usually I just kinda dont answer and they kinda deduce that i do smoke lol
  8. my answer usually depends on the consequences following whomever i tell.
  9. I dont usually lie becaus eof guilt, its just there is such a huge stigma around this little plant. Why bring attention to myself?
  10. Nope. Not once since I started have I denied it. I'm not ashamed, and it's widely common here anyway.
  11. unless it is some sort of authority figure like my parents or cops, i don't say no. it's just who i am, why would i lie about it? if they're going to judge me then that's their problem
  12. My response is I never have used Marijuana I did see it once though. When I was younger i did not give a shit who knew I smoked. It is also not out of guilt but bc I work in corporate so I dont ever want a rumor started and get popped with a random piss test bc hr over heard something.

  13. I would add certain people in my family and people with big mouths to the list of exceptions :devious:

    a guilty pleasure of mine is to turn people's notions on Cannabis around and if they are ignorant at least get them to think a little............................

    Cut the heads off people who choose a substance that is safer than alcohol:smoke:

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