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  1. I got prophecy when it first came out which was a couple of years back, I dont even remember. I mainly got it because my friends all played it and kept bugging me too, so I did but I stopped after day 2... lol >.> Anyways, last night while I was cleaning out my CDs and everything I found guild wars. I have stopped gaming because I found the games I have played for many months boring but I thought heck why not play it since I paid for it after all.

    All in all, I came to love it, and yes I came to love it in about an hour or two. Anyways, even though I owned the game for many years, I have only played twice when I first got it and yesterday. Just wondering if anyone still plays guild wars and want to buddy and fill me in.

    Will be waiting for some replies :smoke:
  2. Yea I bought it when it first came out and have all the expansions. After playing WoW last year though I can't bare to play GW. WoW just has one step up on about everything which annoys me just enough to not be able to play GW.
  3. I still play from time to time, bought it about 2 months after it was released, have all the campaigns...been trying to get back into it but most of the people I used to play with quit :/

    Add me to your friends list and we can group up or something sometime....

    In-game name: Wtf Is A Fifty Five
  4. Haha love the GW name FateToker, is it joking or did you not know what a 55 was?
  5. I knew what a 55 was when I made it, just thought it would be a funny name for that monk :p You have no idea how many times I've been whispered by people explaining what it is :smoke:

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