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Guild Extracts THCA Crystaline

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 741820, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, so I went into my local dispensary and they are selling THCA crystaline by Guild Extracts. According to my budtender, it has 97.66% THCA, but it is priced at $100/g. Has anybody tried this and would be able to tell me if it is worth it to purchase with 4/20 coming up?

    I have attached an image so you can get a better idea of what it is

  2. Um...datz meth bro

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  3. Pure thc probably isn't that great tbh. All the other cannabinoids give you that unique high from flower that even bho can't touch.

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  4. Also with 98% thc there is probably no flavor cause they had to take out all the terps.
  5. At 97.66 THCA, you might wanna consider an upgrade in drug labeling.

    From what I see the lattice structure of that ice is rigid af. I didn't know diamonds were plants, but these days you can make anything in a lab.

  6. Guild extracts produce some of the purest form of cannabinoids through distillation. I would love to try some but im here in colorado. I wouldn't dab this solo, from what i see on guild extracts instagram they are always mixing it with some regular oil. So i feel this is a enhancer for your regular concentrates so you get a higher high

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  7. I would say try it once, it might not be worth it but it's not worth less.

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  8. I would probably at least try it, get a few buddies to throw in on the g so its only 30ish each try it solo, mix some with some other oil and see how it is. I just got my first Gram of shatter in over 4 months so I am excited to take my first dab in a while when I get home later
  9. Dr.Fumbles, what kind of "regular oil" are you referring to, do you mean just plain shatter?
  10. No it's not meth. Do your homework.

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