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Guide to the Perfect Shotgun Pipe.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoked All Dat, Sep 30, 2010.

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    *Note: Yes I know my pics dont work, but the directions are pretty simple.

    Guide to the Perfect Shotgun "Pipe"

    Alright, Im going to teach you guys how to make a very good/useful shotgun pipe. For those who don't what a shotgun pipe is, it's a large chamber where smoke is drawn and inhaled, just like a bong.

    1.) First off, you need a pill bottle. The bigger the better.


    2.) Make a hole at the bottom of the pill bottle. A hole wide enough to hold a blunt or joint (blunts work alot better) A screw works well for making a good sized hole. Use a knife to make the hole first but the screw to widen it.


    3.) Make a carb where ever you like. I usually make the hole with a knife and stick something wider in it to stretch it out a little, this goes for the bottom hole aswell. Make sure you dont make the hole in the bottom to large!

    4.) Put your joint/blunt in the bottom hole.


    5.) Light the joint/blunt and fill the chamber. It's better to drag slow so you don't burn the shit out of the blunt or joint on one side. Inhale it all and clear the chamber, and if the hit is too small, keep dragging. You don't NEED to fill up the chamber but it will do it automatically (haha) anyways. It gets you real nice and buzzed, and it's an interesting way to smoke.


    Stay lifted. :smoke:

  2. Well, thats cool. My pics don't feel like working.

    Oh well.
  3. For Vietnam soldiers it was easier...

    [ame=]YouTube - History Of Marijuana shotgun[/ame]

    btw good post I'll try it
  4. Is that from Grass?
  5. did that with my uncle last year hunting with my gun. its pretty cool do do ha
  6. Yeah I enjoy it. And it gets you totally stoned haha
  7. You got stoned while hunting? What kind of stupid shit is that dude.
  8. Thanks for the rep dude. :)

    And lol. He's probably a longtime stoner so it doesn't affect him as much, or not as intense.
  9. Ha no problem man.

    But still, mind altering substance + guns = bad idea. ALWAYS
  10. True. I wouldn't have a gun when Im high. I can control myself but still not in the right state of mind for something like that.

    Note: That was a sick gun shotgun vid.

  11. theres people who carry guns illegaly daily and smoke blunts in the street. if hes a long time smoker then its probably all good. im not saying its the best idea. but if he can handle it then why not.
  12. and when your hunting you spend 9/10 of your time walking, sitting, or waiting.

    still though, guns are bad.
  13. About smoking when hunting, we usually limit our selves to a high that is good to enjoy but very easy to handle.
  14. #15 faso, Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 1, 2010
    thanks man

    And I don't think anyone should carry guns while high.
    My vid wasn't the best example but wtf it was fun.
  15. Lmao.
  16. I've seen that video before!

    I love it though, I watch it each time.
  17. I still say it's a bad bad idear. But hey, I'm not your mother :p
  18. Least the soldiers seemed to be having fun with it
  19. my friend has a "joint bong" that you stick a joint in and keep smoking, no clearing, and it just stays milked until it runs out, but you still get fat hits.

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