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Guide to Responsible Teenage & Young Adult Toking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OctoCamo, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Guide to RESPONSIBLE Teenage & Young Adult Toking

    Well, as you can see, I am relatively new here. However, I've read enough threads to make me want to bitch slap the shit out of some kids. I'm 20 years old, but I guess my brain didn't come out of my ass, because I would never do half the shit, that teenagers and young adults tend to do now-a-days. No, I'm not a prude, I'm just a kid who has a future he's working on, and likes smoking weed, but doesn't want to get pinched. So, this will be a small guide for teenagers and young adults, to stay safe, not get kicked out, killed, whatever. This is not to be biased saying only teens and young adults do this shit, cause adults do too.

    1. Don't Smoke in a Car.
    This has to be the number one of them all. People smoking in their cars. How irresponsible can you be? Most kids gather into a Hyundai Accent and go toke up in a parking lot. Not only is this stupid already as is, they park in places like private parking lots, restricted areas, behind buildings, etc...Basically, places that are off limits, and are bound to arouse suspicion if the police come around.

    2. Don't Drive When Smoking or High.
    This can be a pretty weird one, considering that some people claim they can drive just fine, or better high, and I'll be honest I've been guilty of it once, and did just fine...However, you are still under the influence of a psychoactive drug, and it is usually in your best interest to simply not drive. Avoid the possibility of getting caught, and the possibility of hurting someone. Be safe, think smart first. Is it really worth getting in the car. Just like if you're too tired, don't drive. Even though you haven't hit a legal limit, you still shouldn't drive with alcohol in your system, the same goes for Marijuana or any other substance.

    3. Respect Your Parents Wishes When Living at Home.
    If you live at home, then you are blessed. No bills, no worries. Well, maybe some bills, but the point being is you are under your parents roof. Grow the fuck up, and stop trying to be "rebellious" and not listen to your parents. Don't ruin your relationship with your family because you want to toke, and they won't accept it. They DON'T have to accept the fact that you smoke weed, and can very well kick you out for it. When you act like an idiot, you give Marijuana an even worse name to parents, because they'll think it changed you in a way that made you rebel.

    4. Smoke in the comfort of your home
    If your parents are cool with you smoking at home, or if you have your own place, this is the best place to smoke. No dangers, very minimal police involvement, and ultimate relaxation. Hit a bowl while watching TV, instead of being out on the road.

    5. Don't Carry Bud in Your Car or Everywhere you go.
    This is pretty obvious. Most people get pulled over for a traffic light, or busted tailight and end up getting busted for possession. Your car reeks of weed, and you're getting pulled over because your headlight is out, you're definitely getting busted. Now if you don't have any ON you, they cannot do much. Leave the bud at home, and if you are transporting it from the dealer, be smart and read guidelines 1 & 2.

    6. Don't Take Bud or Paraphernalia to School
    Knowing that most schools randomly bring in drug K9s, why the fuck would you bring a bong, piece, or even bud to school? You're there to learn moron! If you actually listened in class instead of smoking too much, you'd know this is common sense! :D Wait until you get home to spark up, don't spark up on your lunch break. You'll get expelled for possession of drugs or know that right?

    7. Don't Tell the World You've Got Bud on You
    It seems that this one is also quite common. Some people like to tell others, like it's a show off thing or whatever. "Oh, look at me, I've got bud, I'm so cool". You know what this does? One day you're going to have that snob bitch that wouldn't blow you in the boys bathroom, go and rat you out. Then you are screwed.

    8. Don't Act High in Public

    Once again, keep your ass in check. Don't go out in public high if you look like a retarded zoo animal at Walmart. This can get you caught, and can honestly give a bad name to Marijuana.

    9. Don't Act like a Stoner

    If you're high, then you're high. That's cool if you looked/sound/are stoned. But, try not to sound high or stoned in everyday life, unless you really are stoned 24/7. It seems that some kids adopt that surfer/pothead personality crap. I've known people who smoke for 45 years, and they sure don't sound like that, so stop the show.

    10. Smoke Because You Want To, Not Because You're Pressured
    This one is kind of old, but true. Smoke the herb because you want to try it, if it is your first time. Don't let "being cool" or whatever be the reason why you smoke. Enjoy the herb for what it can give you, and it's benefits. Don't do it because Nate down the street says it's "cool".

    11. Stay in School, Get Good Grades
    Marijuana is wonderful, but when you use it too often, or dedicate your entire day to smoking, you don't get shit done. This is an especially important one, and I thank you, Demoorelizer91 for reminding me of and suggesting this one. I've known a lot of people who completely let their grades slide, and stopped caring about school. This is not to be blamed on the weed, but on the person. Stay in school, get good grades, and make something out of yourself. Don't consume your life being high, remember that there is a time and place for everything, and more important things than just toking. If I, like others can hold a high GPA in a 5 year BS/MS program, commuting to school, and still have time to work, grow, smoke, and live my life, so can you!

    12. Save your money! Bud isn't the only thing you need!
    I've seen so many of my friends blow their entire 2 week paycheck on just bud. Or their allowance, or whatever. Remember that you are becoming an adult, or are already an adult, and with that comes financial responsibility. Mommy and Daddy won't foot the bills for very long, so make sure you save up for what you need, and may want later down the road. Maybe you don't even live with mom and dad, and pay all your own bills. But, remember the day that your car blew out a timing belt or water pump? Remember how you had to scrounge up money? Exactly. If you count back to all the O's you bought, you could have saved a lot of headache. There are many unexpected bumps in the road, and you may need some money sometimes. Save up, be smart. Don't blow it all on bud. (Thanks Harshtoke)

    In Conclusion
    I'll add more as I find more things that people stupidly do. Feel free to give me suggestions. This is supposed to be humorous, but also serious. Be safe out there guys, don't need people in jail, or in the hospital because they thought the red light was green or some shit. :smoke: As always, toke safe.
  2. I agree with most of what you posted, but I don't care what you say man I've been smoking weed for a long time and I know how to handle myself driving.

    I was high taking my drivers test bro the shit don't impare you unless your smoking blunts to the dome of some strong indica.
  3. Thanks, but I'm not the judge of how your drive. If you want to drive when high, go for it man. Hope I'm never proven right.
  4. Honestly with #2 your judgement is impaired (to varying degrees depending on the person), but just the same as if you did not sleep properly the night before. As a driver you should know whether or not you are too impaired to drive. If you've just finished smoking hash or something and just got over a month long t-break you shouldn't be behind the wheel as you don't know how it will hit you, however if you smoked an hour and 20 minutes before and are coming down but still buzzed then driving should be okay.
    I'm a better driver high than 99% of the high school girls I know and much more cautious and responsible than most high school boys I know, the same goes with the fucks that talk and text on their phones or the elderly who have no fucking idea how to drive.
    I would say it largely depends on the person. If you're not a good driver sober you're an awful driver high. If someone is going to drive simply put some body spray on, put in some gum, and use eye drops and follow the law.

    As for the rest good job. It's well written and grammatically correct (thank fucking God you have no idea how much that shit annoys me). I would add that if you're a teenager STAY IN SCHOOL AND GET GOOD GRADES. If you can't get at least all C's (which is so easy I could do it without attending class in HS or College) then you shouldn't smoke. People need to get their priorities straight. An education is the most important thing in the world. I feel like I can smoke because I have a 3.6 GPA in Biochemistry as a Junior, if you're failing and you're smoking every night then you're a person I disdain more than most.
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    Thank you for the compliment first man. You're definitely right, it varies with person, tolerances, and many other factors. Not to sound sexist, but take a high school chick behind the wheel high, and I will be shitting bricks, and this is coming from the guy who owns a built 486hp 10.5 second in the 1/4 mile car. Lol. But, I always felt that it's better to say no. I don't need any things on my record, Haha. As for the grammar, thanks. I am a grammar Nazi in a way. I just hate how slang looks, and it always confuses the fuck out of people. I will go ahead and add a part about grades, because you're right, its very true.

    You and I are quite alike sir.:smoke: Thanks again for your input!

    BTW: Gave you credit for your suggestion :) , and revised #2 with what you and IsmokeLI said.
  6. Don't drive impaired, period. Driving is one of those things you should never fuck around with, it can take literally a fraction of a second for you to seriously mess up the life of you or even an innocent person. I'd even extend this to not driving if you are really tired from the night before.

    Female teen drivers aren't worse then male teen drivers. There's a reason you pay so much more for insurance as a guy under 25.
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    Agreed 100%, but I softened up the words to be fair to both types of drivers. I believe that if you are impaired, don't drive. Done...But, you're right, we have a heavier foot, and take more risks, but women are becoming increasingly distracted by phones, make-up, texting, radio, etc...It's sad, but I've almost been killed more times by young women on their phones and texting, then any man. I've had at least 20 incidents in this past year where a women was driving, and I had to perform some insane maneuver to avoid being hit. Once again, it's not to put down women or their driving, just accounting my experiences.
  8. That's all the bases covered. Only thing I'd add is not to blow money you need for the bud you want.
  9. And I just made a thread earlier today about driving while high haha.
  10. There is a time and a place to smoke. In a car is not always a bad decision; it depends on the situation. If you live where I do, I'm in a medium sized town surrounded by....wait for it....absolutely nothing. Tons of little hole in the wall towns with no jurisdiction of any sort. If shit goes down, the people that live there have to call the HP or Sheriff Department in my town. They don't go out there unless they're called.

    You wanna drive out to a spot like that, I don't see anything wrong with that. Bring your best buddy, toke a J sitting on the trunk of your car (don't bring any more than you're gonna smoke and keep it in the trunk so it doesn't smell up your car), and chill in it listening to music until you're good to drive. Stare at the stars for a while. It's a real nice time.
  11. Thanks bro I think this is a good one...especially for the undercover minors. Really made me open my eyes about the driving. I drive high all the time and I'll admit I'm always fine but i get paranoid if im driving around with a lot of buds. Especially when im on my add pills. Bud helps me drive the speed limit dude i feel safer driving high and I honestly am stoned almost 24/7. When I drive high I am A LOT more careful. Then just my regular wreckless self on addies.
  12. Mad props bro, hopefully this clears some shit up for new tokers. Also gotta stress the thing about grades. How are you gonna buy the buds you want to smoke if you can`t get a job?
  13. if you do smoke in your car make sure you only smoke a joint or roaches and keep the door opened with both windows down and when your done throw out all roaches/ashes they can get you in trouble.
    great post btw itll help out some of the younger/new tokers
  14. Completely agree with number 12. I dont get paid much where i work, but some people still blow their whole monthly wages in a day or two, and theres one guy that spends ALL of it on weed, and he ends up looking like a tramp because he cant even afford to buy new clothes.
  15. I agree with most and they are pretty straightforward hopefully some people there how to be responsible tokers, disagree with the driving ones I'm stoned most times I drive and it doesn't impare me in anyway and I can handle my shit and can prove that to cops.
  16. Thanks for the revision and credit!
    I agree also with 10 and 12, I have a friend who is rather rich and always smokes with me (and most of the time he buys) and he usually brings a few people along. Once we brought a few people who only smoked a few times before and one of my other friends rolled a presidential blunt (his are near perfect I swear) and my friend kept pressuring them to take a hit and that they were pussies for not hitting it more. We had to stop him from being so aggressive with them. He realized it afterwards he was peer pressuring them and that it wasn't kind but he just wanted to get them really high and to enjoy it like he does.

    Driving is like a double edged blade, on one hand it tends to make people more cautious and follow the law to a T if they drive high, but they are impaired and their reactions are slowed. That split second can mean a huge deal in avoiding an accident or harming someone, and accidentally killing someone is terrible on your conscious. If I was high and hit a small child and hurt/killed them it would ruin MJ for me. I would blame myself and in a way it for what happened because it's a possibility that if I wasn't high I could have avoided the accident.

    Things like that happen everyday and it's really not something you can prepare for or against to be certain it will never happen.

    As to the males v. females thing I noticed guys are wayyyy more aggressive behind the wheel. At the same time girls tend to be more lackadaisical and make stupid decisions behind the wheel (going the wrong way on a one way street, hitting parked cars, not stopping at lights and signs, etc.) It depends on what you deem more dangerous.
  17. I like hot boxing cars
    Driving while high is fun
    I smoke every time I go to my parents housekeeper
    I spend a lot of money on bud
    And I do all of these responsibly :)
  18. Thanks man, and it's funny that so many people disagree with the driving one. :p But, honestly the way I see it, is better safe than sorry, either for your life, or for your criminal record. Honestly, I'm sure accidents on MJ are few and far inbetween, getting arrested for possession and driving under the influence is definitely not worth it, considering in most states it is an automatic 1 year suspension.

    Definitely not saying people can't do it well, shit I imagine some can drive better high, but it's just better to be safe IMO.
  19. Lol, yep. I know a few of those. It's pretty crazy honestly. Unfortunately those who do that, are the ones that tend to live life like typical junkies. Shitty clothes, don't pay bills, bummy, etc...Also giving MJ a bad name. Doesn't mean it's true for all. But hey, if I stank of weed, and had ragged, shit stained clothes, and walked by a person who was "Straight Edge", they'd be like, "Oh, look at what Marijuana did to him".
  20. I'm 18 and a bunch of people that i smoke with don't care to take precautions and don't do school work and don't have their priorities in check. I wish people would follow these guidelines more often. Thanks for the post OP

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