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Guide To Naming Your Piece?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2313, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. I know alot of people name their pieces. I just bought a new mini bubbler that rips surprisingly hard for the price considering I bought it a my local cigar shop. Anyway, this is the first piece I've owned that I haven't bought from a friend or someone so this piece has no name. How do people go about naming their pieces? Should I just smoke, get baked, and then name it? Or should it be a longer more throughout process?
  2. You need a guide for your own creativity? what the fuck
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  3. Whatever works for you.
    My roommate and I take naming pretty seriously. Usually by getting really high off the new piece and letting it tell us what it's name is, but it can be as simple as what the colors make you think of. 
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    Just get high as FUUUUUUUUCK using that new piece and sit down and turn on some of ur favorite jams and grab some munchies and plant ur ass on the couch staring at ur piece while eating and listening to ur music until something comes to u. And believe me you will know when Uve picked the right name. It just feels right. Like my dolphin shaped bowl... After this process the name "flipper" came to me. How fucking perfect is that?!?!?
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  5. I was asking for opinions..... I settled on Squirtle anyway haha I'm pretty high
  6. Dont focus on naming it, smoke out of it with friends often, and the name will come
  7. I basically did that lol. I decided to name it Squirtle after the Pokémon cuz that just seems like the only name that fits
  8. Whatever makes you feel content. Haha that's a pretty cool name for a bubbled though:)
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  9. sucks when your friends name your piece the dildo
  10. Lol hahahahaha I'm so baked I just actually starting laughing out loud
  11. Medusa, because that bitch get you stoned

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  12. Loved this. Witty names are the best.

    Whenever I get a new piece, I have an inaugural smoke-out (get completely stoned, solo) and just let the name develop on it's own. The best names shouldn't be forced.

    Get stoned & let your mind wander :smoke:
  13. i never name pieces. then you get attached and more pissed off if they break.
    but the best names i've ever heard have come about randomly.  if you try too hard to think of a good name, it'll probably end up being sub-par.  just name it if a good name comes to you while you're smoking out of it, otherwise don't sweat it.
  14. i have a bubbler named delilah <3
  15. I always name my pieces after mythology names, like Gods and what not. 

    Gaia my bong

    Mjölnir(Thors Hammer) my bowl

    Ralph my elephant bowl(which is my only random named bowl)

    Achilles my other bowl

    Now I have a new bubbler I think I'll call Venus, but I'm not sure yet. 

  16. I haven't really named a piece in a while, but when I did the name would always just come to me. Some past names... The Purple Slut, Dallas, Dooker (named after my ex-boss who gave me the bowl), The Milk Tank, and a few more I can't remember anymore.
  17. I recently bought the Pinnacle vaporizer and later bought the showerhead attachment for it. A 14mm joint attachment came with the glass. When I chill with friends and use the Pinnacle with the ROOR, I ask them if they would like to consult the ROORacle :bongin: I also had another bong named Ezekiel The Healer because it would cure your sickness after you smoked out of it. Ezekiel was a Weedstar Inline 18mm bong. Rest In Pieces Ezekiel...
  18. dosen't matter how you get to the name. 
    I usually go with the "Name it during first smoke sesh" method.

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