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  1. OK so for some people space is a problem, and for me at least, the normal 5 gal bucket wasnt going to cut it. I wanted to maximize on soil so i figured that i could make square containers. Becuase height was an issue i made the containers short but very wide and long. So if you want to make your own containers this is a very easy way to:

    Materials: Masonite (1/4"), 1/2" ply. and 90 degree angle ties

    Cut the LxW out on your plywood. Then cut the masonite, which will be used as your sides. I used a skill saw and it worked fine. Once everything is cut, drill the masonite into the plywood (see pic). Note: it works well if you cut 2 of the sides so they overlap the masonite from the other two sides, that way when you put on your corner holder it will hug tight.

    Then drill in that corner square thing, not sure what its called so that everything holds tight. Finally get a 3/8 drill bit and drill a few wholes about .5" up from the bottom on each side so that water can drain easily.

    Again this is a nice cheap way to get square containers for person needs.

    For bigger containers, i would put 2 corner squares per corner.

    Ok and i also have a question. Can i put the soil right in there or should i line it with something, dont know what though. I cant seem to find anything wrong with putting the soil straight in?

    Anyway, i hope this is helpful for some.

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  2. You should coat the inside with something for sure.
    The soil itself is not so much your enemy but its the water.
    Water makes wood and woodproducts soft.
    Also, wet wood gets eaten by nature, all kinds of stuff will grow on, in and around it.
    If the wood gets wet, stuff will start growing on the outside of your container in no-time.

    Pretty nice craftmenship there I'd say.:hello:
    I think you can build your own furniture!:)

    The bad news is me too thought of making square boxes myself just like you did.
    I didn't because I couldn't figure out how to cheaply cover the inside to protect it from water. If you come up with anything please let me know.
  3. It's a really nice guesture to make a tutorial on making this, but I think if someone can't build a box, growing might be too difficult for them ;)

    The post above mine is right, wood + water = bad news. Even treated wood, if left to soak. Plus your roots are going to want to find their way out (unless you've completly sealed it with putty or whatever). I'd just use a heavy-duty black trashbag, cut to the right size and stapled to the sides.
  4. Haha, thanks urgr8estfear, they were pretty easy to make too, only took 2 hours. I didnt really think that it would be that much of a problem just on the wood. right now i am on 23 days of flower or something and will have to chop them by june5 so it will only be about 5 weeks and then i will move to college and probably not grow in that spot again, so the containers do not need to last long, this is why i thought they would work with a trashbag. Is 5 weeks enough time for all that to start happening, im guess that it probably is now, so i may see if i can get some trash bags.
    I agree you joint, they are pretty simple and easy to make, i was also just letting people know the materials i used so that it would be easy to construct. Anyway ill probably try to repot them tommarow.
  5. Good luck with it. Square pots are better, IMO, just because they maximize the available space. When I grew I used cat litter buckets, which were square.
  6. Oh cat litter buckets, that a good idea, i will try that in the future.
  7. It's deja vu all over again...

    Hey ibowl, those corner things are called L brackets. Curious what volume you estimate those boxes to hold, how much it cost you per (not counting your 2 hours of time, and how heavy. I'm just wondering how they compare to just buying some kitty litter bins for about $8.

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