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Guide To Having A Good High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Snowy Sessions, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Hey Grasscity!

    So you've been tokin for a bit now, and your wonderin why sometimes you feel like shit during/after your high. Symptoms include: Headache, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, uneasiness, agitation, confusion. These can be attributed to a number of things.

    ]Section 1: Bud Quality & Quantity

    [Quality] If your smoking low-mids/shwagg/mersh, you will most likely experience a sub-par high. To ensure that your bud is not the cause of your bad high, be sure to smoke at least good mids and up. (Guide To Bud Quality:

    [Quantity] When consuming your cannabis, be sure to gauge your tolerance. Instead of smoking 3 bowl packs to the face, chill on your hits. What this means is to take a hit, then wait a lil bit take another hit after like a minute or two. Do this until you feel you are at a satisfactory high. Doing this will prevent you from smoking to large a quantity of cannabis in too short a time, which often leads to the aforementioned symptoms. (This method also conserves bud)

    Section 2: Smoking Environment & Alternatives

    The environment in which you are smoking plays a huge role in the type of high you will have. If you are smoking in a stressful, unsafe, or risky environment, your high will reflect that and you may feel paranoid, anxious, and extremely uncomfortable. However, if you smoke in a relaxed, enjoyable environment, you will enjoy your high much, much more. Generally, if there is a substantial risk of getting caught (parents, police, neighbors, or RAs [if at college]) its not a good idea to smoke there. Alternatives include:
    Going Outside- This is probably one of the most underutilized stealth-smoking methods. No need to worry about smell, or about anyone walking in on you. Just walking around, tokin. You can easily ditch any paraphernalia and weed.

    Using a Spoof/ Sploof- A spoof is basically dryer sheets stuffed into a paper towel tube. This is an extremely effective way to eliminate a lot of the smoke smell. However, this does not get rid of the smoke, just a lot of the smell. (Guide To Making A Spoof:

    Section 3: Preventative Measures

    The amount you eat and drink will drastically affect your high. I suggest eating before you smoke. Now, I'm not saying go get a 5-course meal or anything, a sandwich or something like that will suffice. If you do not eat before you smoke, the high will come on a lot more intense due to the fact that THC rich blood will be reaching your brain faster instead of also aiding in digestion. Now, this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your tolerance. If you have a low tolerance, you might experience a headrush, headache, and dizziness. if you have a high tolerance, you may enjoy this shot of THC due to the fact that you are used to it. I cannot stress this enough, stay hydrated. Drink before, during, and after your high. Be it water, juice, whatever (not alcohol, this will dehydrate you). This will ensure that you do not experience symptoms of dehydration that will definitely ruin your high. That's how to enjoy your high, in a nutshell.
    For a more condensed version:

    Tips For Having A Good High:

    1. Eat before you smoke.

    2. Stay Hydrated

    3. Dont smoke too much, too fast.

    4. Don't yell, or be around loud noises. It'll give you a headache and ruin your high.

    5. Try to smoke in a relaxed, non-stressful environment.
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    5 char...
  3. shit. meant to put this in apprentice.
  4. + rep man. I've had some of those symptoms like random headaches after getting high, but I find after hitting my vaporizer I never experience anything bad after. The bud is usually outstanding, I'll have pics up soon. :)
  5. thanks for changin the Title for me. :)
  6. I've seen people that toke with the music blasting and then complain that something else ruined their high, loud noises for sure man, even if it is a tune. +rep for a nice guide.
  7. Great post OP

    I'd re-emphasize the water and eating beforehand, and would also add:

    --get the dankest shit you can find
    This will probably open up a can of worms with people who enjoy mids and mersh, but getting the bud with the highest possible potency will just mean that you are smoking less plant matter total. This also will lead (if many people in one area comply) to better buds floating around your area; they're selling the brown shit because we keep buying it. The negative side effects of smoking too much lower-quality weed simply do not occur at all with the better stuff (at least in my experience).

    --get a vape
    Smoking preferences aside (and I know they vary widely), a vaporizer is the healthiest way to get large amounts of THC straight to your dome. Edibles are technically healthier; not the same high, though, and it takes much longer to kick in. Oh, and you'll enjoy having to pay for less weed, too. The vape has for me thus far eliminated any negative side effects of smoking, but has intensified my highs.

  8. yeah, vapes are cool. i prefer nice glass n such though.
  9. this should be a sticky:hello:
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    I've never had a stoner's hang over before...

    And I personally believe there is no such thing as "too high"... How ever I do LOVE that kick to the face hash hit... :smoke:
    When I was a young buck, and shouldn't have been doing it, I smoked at least about 4.5 grams a session of shwag or stress 2 or 3 times a day minimum, no problems. Just pulled all the seeds and stems out. And I'd get drunk off my ass some times too... But then again I wasn't hung over from a liter and half of strait vodka... :rolleyes:
    High drug tolerance? Maybe to many shrooms and sips of bacardie 150. Ether way only way to increase tolerance is to smoke more. But I'd SO love to be a one hit stoner, you'all don't know how lucky you are to be :hippie: per toke. :D
  11. lol who needs a lesson in how to have a good time getting high?
  12. haha QFT
  13. Great guide! +rep
  14. + rep.

    Great advice for the newer smokers.
  15. why would you want to increase your tolerance to weed it will only make it impossible to get high or you gotta smoke a lot.... thats just stupid

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