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Guide to getting what you are paying for.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crucialdanks303, Feb 11, 2009.

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    So you think your eighth just looks a little less then it should be, Maybe you were expecting crystals when all you got was dirt. Read this guide and use common sense when dealing with people in this business.

    Here are a few things to look for before making your purchase;

    - Dealer rep, if you know someone who use's the same person ask him how his experiences are with this person.

    - Always ask to see the bud in person, and just how much you would be getting.

    - Dont scale his bud with his scale, This is just obvious, invest 50 into a portable scale and bring it along with. Get the scales that look like an iphone or ipod.

    - Make sure your guy doesnt pinch your bag when it goes from scale to your hands.

    - Dont haggle with your guy, Plain and simple you probably need him more then he needs you. If you dont like his prices go someone else.

    During the purchase;

    - Dont meet somewhere in a place that puts you at a disadvantage, ETC his house or his car.

    - DO NOT FRONT MONEY, This is even more important when this is your first transaction.

    - never bring alot of friends, That can sometimes make the guy a little nervous which could cause the deal to go sour, Or worse, Physical violence.

    - If you get a bad feeling from this certain person take your gut feeling and walk away, Not getting that O isnt more important then keeping your money, health, and/ or freedom.

    - never accuse your guy of being any part of the police or anything, this is even more important when dealing with some of the more important people in the business.

    after the purchase;

    - Dont hassle your guy at late hours of the night unless designated, Nothing makes a guy want to lose your number more then 13 missed calls on his phone at 3:00am

    - Dont discuss anything that could get you or him into trouble, see if hes open and meet him in person.

    - NEVER EVER EVER come to his house unannounced, Your just asking for trouble then unless of course he has designed this.

    - dont give out his number to your buddies, and dont go around telling everyone about your guy. This is one of the more obvious one's. telling one wrong person could ruin it for both of you.

    - dont think just cause he does transactions with you means that you are buddy buddy, This is not true in all cases maybe you are already friends with him, But do not just expect you can call him and ask him hows life or whats up.

    I dont know how helpful this guide is going to be but feel free to add.
  2. ill take note of these.

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