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Guide to follow when going to class high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CDDIDIT, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. So i think we should all contribute on a guide for all the people who want to go to school high. Everyone in most of my "classes" is high so it doesn't really matter for me.

    Things you need:
    A bit of Axe or cologne (never too much)

    1. If your gonna go to class high you need to get there on time. If your late the teacher is looking at you. If the teacher is looking at you your caught up.

    2. Never act stupid high. Its cool to smoke but don't get drooling high if your teacher is strict. If the teacher is cool i would do it though.

    3. Never let on that you smoke. Once they find out they are on you like hawks. When i was in middle school the teachers thought i was tired. By sophomore year they were calling me on it. Moral: If they don't think you smoke they will never call you on it.

    4. If you get high to the point where people are on to you just leave. You can't get in trouble for going home. Well you can but its better than them searching you.

    5. Always use visine and axe. No evidence at ALL times.

    6. Try not to bring weed in the building or in a car they know you have.

    Add more.
  2. Don't goto school blazed. If I ever smoked before school, i'd just do a bowl and get a nice mellow high to help the day go by.
  3. Make sure not to laugh like an idiot in class
  4. I never went to class high in high school thought it was a waste of bud, and i don't go to any of my college classes high because that is a waste of my time, i mine as well just not go and relax at my apartment instead of listening to a boring lecture while high, but im smart and keep them seperate anyways... go to class do my work then smoke on weekends
  5. If you don't have weed/scale/pipe/whatever on you, don't ever admit to being high. The school can't prove anything (or suspend you) if you deny it completely. Doesn't matter if your eyes are redder than the devil's dick and people can smell you down the hallway, as long as you don't have weed on you, you can't get in trouble (that is of course you don't admit to it). I got off a couple times by just outright denying being high (one time I actually wasn't).

    At least that's how it worked where I went to school.

    Although, not going to school high is obviously the best choice (and blazing after a day of school is 10x more satisfying imo).
  6. don't go to school high, mmkay?
  7. At my school they have some swabs that they can use to check and see if you have any bud on your fingers :eek:
    (Or so I have heard, never happened to me because I'm not an idiot)
  8. I agree with you on most points, but I think I might try going to class a little blazed next week. It's senior design and we're being lectured on professional ethics, which happens to be just my favoritest subject, and the class I usually have after is canceled, so I think I might just smoke a little before I leave my apartment and make things a bit more interesting. I have to be there, and I figure if one of my teammates can show up to class drunk, I can show up at least a bit stoned.
  9. Yea but if you go to class looking asian you will get searched and they will start watching you. If they don't know you smoke you can walk a block get high and come back with zero trouble. If they know your a pot head they watch you like a hawk trying to get you in super trouble on the double. I had to out right deny being high many times and they never found anything because as soon as i got caught all paraphernalia was put in shorts under my pants. But its so much easier now that im a upperclassmen and they dont even know i blazed.
  10. My school must have just been lazy (or the fact that where I lived in Canada 99% of my graduating class and teachers smoked regularly) as all they'd do is smell your fingers. So because I for the most part used a bong/had a grinder smell was very minimal.

    Oh that brings up another one, if you are smoking just before class, it's helpful to have a cigarette as it almost completely kills any and all weed smell on you (although you'll smell like cigarettes).
  11. all im gonna say is there's a reason they call it "high"school :smoke:
  12. Axe is fucking garbage... Get a change of clothes before you go to class mayne.
  13. from day one my teachers all knew i blazed every day but i showed up with my shit on time and had good grades, but they were always trying to bust me and never could
  14. Dont forget get to add the step where you put in eye drops :hide:
  15. Don't be a stereotype. You don't have to be high all of the time, go to school sober.
  16. my teachers dont care if ur high cuz really why would they?
  17. I'm probably high at school around once a week, maybe twice, but I only have 4 classes this semester (and one online), and I vaporize so I'm pretty functional. Eyedrops are definitely a good idea, it's really just all about avoiding self-consciousness, though. Still, I think it's a good idea to be sober at school as much as you can. I think when you're high your mind has expanded too much to fit in the box that school tries to put you in haha :smoke:
  18. Anyone else notice how Devoke liked every single post?
  19. I naturally look stoned as hell, so no one can ever tell the difference between it and me being tired.
  20. I'm good with the principle and after school one day she left her office open o me so and I almost smoked a bowl in there! But she walked in :/ woulda been legendary!!

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