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Guide to Dealing with Anxiety/Panic Attacks, and Paranoia

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedidas, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Put together some info that will be useful to people with anxiety or paranoia. I used to suffer from regular anxiety and panic attacks years ago, and completely overcame them. These articles are more geared towards smoking and and panic attacks. Also check out the helpful links at the bottom of the post.


    Watch these
    Blood Sugar and Anxiety
    The stoners guide to Paranoia.
    Is it any wonder stoners are paranoid?
    Sometimes paranoia is telling you something...
    The cops are not your friends when it comes to weed.
    Smoking in Public.

    Marijuana And Paranoia
    Aditional Info / Links
    - CurePanicAttacksAway site - These articles and techniques helped me more than anything else
    - Short animated videos on anxiety, panic, and techniques to overcome them
    - Forum post with alot of people talking about their marijuana related anxiety, you're not the only one
    - Tips to avoid Bad Trips

    Any questions, just ask! :)
    Now for some comedy"
    Suggest *sticky*?
    Edit, Made it readable with the forum update. Made text larger and darker for the new GC design, added more info and videos. I wasnt able to edit for the last few years on the old GC, so thank ganja for the new GC!!! YAY!
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  2. I love this crap

    half these guys say weed cures anxiety, and the other half says it makes you parinoid

    I used to have real bad anxiety attacks when i was younger and used to smoke weed

    cool guide though, very helpful
  3. i have anxiety and panic attacks. i take xanax. i dont really like it (yea its fun) but it makes me have the worst hangover. thats why i smoke herb. it calms all my nerves down. allows me to stay calm and collected. i just notice though that when im not high i really see the affects of my anxiety and panic feelings.
  4. Definitely worth a sticky. Good guide. +rep
  5. thanks for posting this
  6. I have Agoraphobia and PTSD I was on 10 mg xanax, perscribed, for 3 yrs. It made me so forgetgul and out of it I quit cold turkey. Never had any seizures which I attribute to smoking. Now I use heavy indicas and some mental techniques learned from therapy. Life is as normal as my mind wants to let me make it.
  7. amazing guide should have a sticky :)

  8. Awesome information thank you sir. I can relate to everything in your post, and im happy to say ive concored all my anxiety when smoking and in general using techniques suggested. Breathing ect work so so well
  9. yes, honestly just taking deep long breathes, and meditation is what turned my life around.

    i quit all prescriptions i was taking because frankly they are all bullshit.

    was on xanax, trazadone, remeron and some others....
  10. dam, more than half of this stuff is true.
    ignoring the bad grammar and spelling here and there, this guide is really good.
    Great job :blaze:
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    Just because you're paranoid
    Don't mean they're not after you

    yes, paranoia can be a wounder. It has wounded my self esteem and motivation. It even cut my leg once. a large gash....hell of a wound.
  12. Admin, please stick this!
  13. Alcohol and heroin aren't stimulants.

    I'll edit your post for 20 bucks. Maybe it will be sticky-worthy once I am done with it.
  14. pretty nice find
  15. maaan....this would have been a nice find back when i used to get these panic attacks. These things are really scary stuff, but I talk myself out of it now. I'm glad u posted this for the blades. :cool:
  16. I also take Xanax for anxiety, lately I did about two weeks without pot - my anxeity increased so much, had panic attacks - ended up at the ER and signed myself in for 3 days in a crisis centre just to stay safe. There were other triggers, but having pot makes it easier to get through the day, to stay alive and to keep taking care of myself.

    OP, thank you for posting.
  17. VN!

    Going on my 16th year with diagnosed panic disorder - if anyone is still reading this thread I'd like to share the two most important things I've learned:

    (1) Daily meditation changes everything.

    (2) I've been on tons of meds and talk therapy regimes (Analytic, CBT, and "New_Agey") over the years, but the one thing that has helped me for the long haul is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Get a shrink that talks to you, not a guy that will just write you scripts.
  18. Good Read. Should Be Stickied.
  19. People say weed causes paranoia. In a way it does. Its not the weed its all the hiding and shit. The stash boxes. the big bongs to hide, the visine...everything.

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