guide to being high

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  1. This is for any new people who are looking to experiment with marijuana for the first time. Here are some basic tips on starting the use of marijuana.

    1. Methods

    - The joint .. a common method that involves rolling crushed marijuana into a cigarette-like smokable item.

    - The bong .. slowly becoming a more popular method in the 21st century, the bong consists of a conic tube with marijuana packed cup on one end.

    - The pipe - commonly called a "bowl", this method uses a tobacco pipe filled with marijuana.

    - The blunt - a big brother to the joint, this method involves using cigar paper to make a rather large smokable object. Often used in large groups.

    2. Slang

    (in no particular order)

    - Weed, pot, reefer, cannabis (not actually slang), ganja, cheech n' chong, herb, grass (60's term), hemp, wacky tabacky, dope, dank, shwagg, skunk, (last 2 are potencies)
    (last one is term)

    3. What to expect

    - see shit
    - find urself walking through barley fields with ur good buddy talking about rock and roll
    - think about flowers and rainbows if u are listening to jimi hendrix
    - feel the need for chocolate and other sweet items
    - feel dryness throughout the mouth and throat
    - feel mild fatigue and/or groginess
    - be interested in C-SPAN
    - make up metaphors and brilliant quotes such as: (a few of my own) "It doesn't matter where we're going, cause we're gonna get there anyway", and, "Isn't dreaming just living with your eyes closed?"


    I am really.... really.... really..... stooooned.
    so I thought that would be funny but now I realize it just makes me look like a moron who is trying to be funny. **no offense to anyone with an IQ below 75) SHIIIT. I"M SO SORRY>>> i am going to feel like a fool when i wake up tomorrow and see that i wrote this.

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