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Guide says a Dimebag is a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stubort, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Where I live, a gram goes for $20. Also, what is a good way to know your getting a straight gram without a scale, I don't think there are any stores around me that sell them.
  2. 20$ a gram? Damn, you gettin' jacked, man. Also, lots of stores sell scales; it's not that hard to find one.
  3. there ain't a way to tell without a scale =/
    since different strains have different densities and all that, it could be moist making it weigh more and all those factors
    just try to go to a walmart or something in your town if you have one and ask for a postal scale, that's all they are lol
    just dont say "hey i need a digital scale to wiegh my weed"

  4. Get a scale. You should be able find one somewhere. You're gonna get ripped off if you don't get one

    And 20 a gram isn't cool
  5. Dirt weed is fucking disgusting.
  6. :laughing:
  7. #10 mattwood1011, Feb 13, 2009
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  8. Rofl.

    You're on a roll with the sig quotes tonight bro.
  9. Where in PA?
  10. ...thank god i read that whole post... i nearly jumped out of my chair and went to wal*mart to get a digital scale to weigh my weed
  11. In all honesty, theres really no way to tell it's a gram without a scale, unless you're seasoned and have been weighing alot of shit and can just tell. Usually, before I got my scale, I could eyeball pretty well on all strains that came through me(I picked up weight), and would be rather close, but if you have no idea what a gram looks/feels like, just help yourself out and pick up a nice 30$ scale from the nearest headshop/market.
  12. really, it depends on the dealer if they are col with you they will give it to you straight. if you have a dealer that constantly rips you off then he will continue to do so
  13. I bought a scale on eBay, has calibration weights, and I feel it is a great investment. I actually got it in October, it was cheaper too.
  14. What do you guys pay that your saying 20g for dank is steep? Thats how much I pay sometimes 25
  15. same here "dro" goes for 20 a gram or so and named strains are 25 a gram
  16. Yeah, I live in Bucks County, and major dealers go to Philly and bud goes for 10/gram over there. But unfourtunately for me, the major people are assholes and sell grams for $20/gram. So, you know, it's just the prices in our area that suck, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. But the buds are real good, it's not like we're getting Mids, we get mainly headies, and sometimes even better. So it's just the prices in my area, it's not like I'm getting ripped off, seeing that everyone in the area buys a $20 gram.
  17. orange country is 20 -25 for named medical strains

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