Guide on My Method of Making a Gravity Bong

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  1. This is the easiest way to make a gravity bong. (In my opinion)

    Step 1: Buy a 2 litter soda

    Step 2: Drink/Poor the soda out. Then, towards the bottom of the soda there is a ring going all the way around the Bottle. Cut all the way around it so the bottom 1/8th of the bottle is cut off

    Step 3: Cut a hole in the middle of the lid by sticking a knife on it and twirling it around. Make sure the hole is the perfect size to put your bowl piece into so that it's air tight. Once done with that stick your bowl piece in and leave it.

    Step 4: Get a water jug, that the 2 liter bottle can slide in and out of easily. (Can get at Walmart)
    (Something like that) Just throw the lid away.

    Step 5: Fill the Jug with water. After that, put the 2 liter in (without the cap on). Then, Screw the cap on so it's air tight.

    Step 6: Pack a bowl and get high

    Got all my pictures off of Google images. Sorry I couldn't make a vid/take pics my self as I currently do not have a camera.

    If you have any suggestions please add!
  2. How do you hit it? Unscrew the cap? And where is the carb?
  3. You don't need a carb with it. push down and suck in. or simply add a carb to the top if you'd like
  4. Love gravity bongs. Never tend to fail me and I always get fucked up off them.
  5. Yeah, and this one really only takes about 10 minutes to make.. And the supplies are really easy to get
  6. I think everyone knows how to make a gravity bong. This is the same as every other method on the inter-webs.

    Also, you should make sure to use these things sparingly. Polymers aren't too chemically inert, and there's nothing like filling your lungs with plastic to brighten up your days.

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