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Guide: How to scrape for Resin

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Corbray, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. First: Grab the following items-
    paper clips, about 10-20
    a few q-tips, 3 or 4 should do it
    paper towls, about 5
    a bowl to place water in, make sure your peace can fit in the bowl
    hot water
    your peace, duh
    and what really helps is a knife or scissor
    about 3 sheets of computer paper

    Just fill the bowl with very hot water from your sink and place your peace in the bowl for about 30 seconds, then take out the peace and first thing, clean out the bowl (the peace) with a knife or scissor, and scrape out the resen onto one of the papers. after the bowl is clean you can take a paper clip and unwind 3 sides of it, and bite one of the sides to make it easyer to scrape more out without a hasle, then go in the shaft of your pipe and scrape everything out and tap it out on the paper, take the knife and scrape the paper clip to get most of it off

    Then you can take paper clips and go in through the rush, jam the paper clip in there and give it a little hook at the end, then at this point you can just wiggle it around alot, to losen things up. Then take the bowl and one hit at a time, slap the mouth part hard on your hand to knock all the resin out, you have to hit it hard because its all wet and sticky, then one at a time (after each smack) take the knife and scrape off the resin from your hand, it works best because its really mushy and if you touch it with your hands it will get all over the place. keep doing this till no more comes out, then place the bowl back in the warm water for a second or two and wiggle it around, to losen more stuff up. its ok if some resin comes out in the bowl, you will have enough.

    And now comes the hard part, after those 2 trys, take the paper with the resin on it, and simple empty it onto ANOTHER paper, to let it dry off even more. take the paper and hold it at an angle to the paper and simply take the knife and just lightly run it on the paper to knock some of the resin lose. then put the other paper aside, use the only paper for all of the resin you scrape out (the fresh resin, not the other stuff you just put on the other paper)

    Then the hardest part, trying your best to clean the rest of the bowl, my suggestion is holding it really close to a light and trying to find where the paper clip is scraping, try your best to get the rest out, and keep tapping it on your hand, you will also need to scrape the shaft again to get some more resin out, it doesnt all come down. and just toss it on the paper

    After you feel you got the most you can out of it, take the resin and do the same thing, scrape it on the SAME paper as the drying resin, right ontop of it.

    Then you can go to the sink and get some very hot water and run it though the pipe, then you can get some salt and place it in a bowl and add hot water and mix it around with your peace to get the rest of the resin out.

    Clean it out with a few q-tips also if you want, i dont, but some people do. Then dry off your peace and go back to the paper and scrape the resin on the final paper that you have, the same way as the other one, with the knife so it doesnt go everywhere. Then simple place it down, then take your knife and scrape all of the resin into a little pile on the paper and then just pinch it till you got a nice little hard pile thats all stuck together, then go ahead and roll it into a nice little ball, not to tight or the middle wont light up. If its way to dry simply wet your fingers. it works.

    Then go clean your hands because they now smell like pure shit and are sticky as hell, use soap, and dont worry, you will still have some black marks days after you roll the ball. then go back, get the ball, toss it in your bowl and smoke that shit up. Beware it taste like shit and might make some people vomit. But what your smoking is pure THC, and watch out, if the ball is to small it will melt to fast and if you inhale resin i can almost 100% guarintie you will vomit and burn your tounge.

    The resin heats up and bubbles and wont cherry enless its dry enough. But enjoy your resin ball, and be prepaird to get fucked up. And also you wont see much smoke when you hit it, but you will know sooner or later :smoke:
  2. What Part Of Resin Gives You Lung Cancer Do You Fools Not Understand, You Don't Need To Get High Bad Enough To Put Yourself At Risk For A Life Threatining Ailment

    Wtf I tried to type in all caps and it did that with only the first letter cap'd?
  3. dosent smoking weed give u lung cancer too foo???
  4. Eh, everything fucking gives you cancer now a days. I say smoke it and get high
  5. Buddy, relax. So do cigarettes but a lot of us on here smoke anyway. Fuck, there's a lotta shit that'll give you cancer. Like liquid smoke, but I still be eating beef jerky at this very moment. It's a personal choice.

    And it does that with the caps so that people don't do it because it's obnoxious and annoying.

  6. No.
  7. nope, no cases have actually been reported, well atleast ive seen none! lmao, smoke the resin, its not radioactive, cig resin is radioactive
  8. Guide: How To Spell Piece.


    haha jk.
  9. thats awesome man, if you smoke it, will you glow and shit? because that would be the greatest shit in the world
  10. haha, sorry man, my spelling sucks balls.
  11. Lets bump this up for some of the newbies
  12. a guide on how to clean a bong?

    haha, its not that hard....
  13. wtf...all you need to scrape resin is ur lighter and a small knife..those tiny pocket knifes work wonders...just hold your pipe upside down and heat up the bowl with ur lighter on the inside until the resin becomes gooey and scrape that bitch with the tiny blade...its that easy.
  14. Dude, personally, I love hot knifin resin. Gets me just a high as when I knife my hash. Resin is the one thing that can immobilize me. It just fuckin works.
  15. sorry to break it to yall but smoking anything can give you lung cancer...

    but life is short, so toke up :smoking:
  16. yo bitches resin gets u mad high. if you collected enough could u roll a j or maybe a rillo?

  17. would you really want to?
  18. not true.....smoke anything CAUSES LUNG DAMAGE....but not cancer. usually damage is fixed throughout your cells including your lungs. but weed has never been attriubated to cancer, because THC kills dying cells, which causes cancer
  19. yessir! :bongin::smoking::smoke:

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