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[Guide] How to roll a J with a cigarette

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rompa Stompa, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Im sure alot of you guys know this trick but im also sure alot of you dont. So this is how.

    Items Needed:
    1. Cigarette
    2. Weed
    3. A poker ( optional)
    4. Scissors (optional)

    1. Empty out the cigarette by rolling it between your fingers to loosen the tobacco up so it falls out. Be sire to not damage the paper of the cigarette

    Pro Tip: dont empty out all the tobacco as the end of a joint is often hard to get and can lead to the wastage of herb

    2. Begin filling the empty cigarette with weed, make sure every so often you pack it down with something, this will make for a snug joint.

    Pro Tip: instead of using a poker to pack it down practice rolling the joint between your index and thumb to give it that same tight feel, once you get how to do it it is easy!

    3. Twist off the end of the joint. ( not a big deal, aslong as the weed cant fall out your pretty much set.

    Now you have two choices
    1. Cut the filter in half with scissors
    2. Split it by hand

    Obviously the first option doesnt need explaining so ill explain the second option.

    Carefully try and pinch out the filter (dont worry you wont break it, it will just pop out). Once done i like to tear it down the middle longways. You will be left with like half a long cylinder, now for some that is plenty of filter removed but i like to go that 1 step further and split it again this time in half the other way.

    Now insert the filter back in and squeeze or bite around it so the exteriour clamps down

    There you have it, easy way to make a joint!
  2. I don't know. Rolling with a paper kind of sounds easier.
  3. Yeah trust me I did this with friends when we were apaolutely desperate. It works but it takes a lot of patience and if you fuck up you just wasted all that time and a cigarette. Use papers.
  4. doesnt the cotton filter absorb the thc (might be a myth not sure)

    and the tobacco left inside without the filter might make you sick from all that chemical shit idk
  5. Yeah man, i'm happy just rolling a joint, this method seems kinda long and you don't really get much stealth from it because you're fucking up the filter end.
    Though I guess it's a good method for people who can't roll.
    And yah, no clue if this is right but i've always though that smoking cannabis through a cigarette filter will filter out cannabinoids...
  6. Thc is only absorbed by fat, youll have no issues with the filter but it's a pretty weak joint and you have to be careful not to drop it.
  7. I find that cigarette filters drastically cut down on how high you get. Something about those filters filter out THC that gets into your lungs, I swear. I used to empty out the tobacco in cigs and replace it with bud sometimes, but I never got nearly high as I would have had I smoked a regular handrolled joint. If you're doing this and you're not in a public place where you have to act kinda incognito/stealthy, don't use the cig filter. If you keep it on you won't get as high.
  8. Nice guide. But I'll stick to my rolling machine. Fast 'n easy.
  9. I use to do that. Twist the cig to get tobacco out and funnel weed into the tube. to pack it just tap the but on some thing a few times.
  10. False. THC can also be absorbed by alcohol. Still, I wouldn't smoke through a cigarette filter. Filters actually do absorb a small amount of THC.
  11. 1o years ago when I use to do this i just broke off the but.
  12. I don't mean to be an ass or anything, but isn't this info kinda "duh"? It's not like it takes a lot of thinking or playing around with to work out how to empty a cig (even if it is hard to do without ripping it or whatever) and put weed in it.
  13. Don't use a filter, after you smoke a cigarette you see all that brown shit on the filter right? That's cause shit sticks to it, same thing with THC, take a look at the filter after you smoke it with weed, still brown? Maybe not as dark but if it has color then it filtered out THC.
  14. Filter absorbs quite a bit of THC..
  15. this whole thread is full of fail.
  16. [quote name='"Chronic Will"']this whole thread is full of fail.[/quote]

  17. Lol some ghetto shit my buddy would roll up with papers from the bible I'm like bro ur smoking Jesus an he's like naw this is sum holy shit
  18. [quote name='"GodBlessTheTrap"']doesnt the cotton filter absorb the thc (might be a myth not sure)

    and the tobacco left inside without the filter might make you sick from all that chemical shit idk[/quote]

    its true. i smoked a parliament with weed in it and i forgot to take the filter out and it didnt get me high

  19. Seconding this. It was a waste of some good weed too. If you're gonna do this, take the whole filter out (pliers?) and roll a roach or something and stick it in there.

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