Guide: How to make THC Vape Juice

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  1. I applied 10% terpenes to 1 gram of concentrate (0.1ml of terpenes to 1ml of concentrate). The THC content was approximately 75% in the concentrate I used, so a 10% reduction would bring it down to 67.5% THC content. I heated the mixture on a hotplate and used a magnetic stirrer to spin a magnetic stir bar. I then took the ejuice into a syringe and put it into the cartridge.
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  2. Nice thread.
  3. Thanks man. :) Just started making this content but it's really hard to get youtube followers naturally with drug related content, so I hope you guys enjoy it! :)
  4. I will definitely watch the video but not one of those YouTube follower kind of guy .
  5. Haha you do you man, no worries.
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  6. What terps do you usually use?

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  7. thanks for sharing, OP.

    I’m gonna be doing a 710 Mix run soon as my first shot at making my own carts.
    usually just pay the premium at the dispenso.
  8. Hi John, I think I have seen your you tube clip before when I was researching how to make my carts. Anyway I just subscribed!

    I have a few questions about the oil thickness, ie if its too thick is there a chance it won't work?

    I have a Mig Vapor trap 450 and other than the lights coming on, this thing does nothing. It doesn't even get warm. I can't get a puff of vapor out of it... I wonder if my oil is too thick? But the thing is I can't even draw on the pen, its like somethings blocked or I am missing something?

    This is my first vape pen, but I have had several dry herb vapes.

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