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Guide: Deodorant Stash (Pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by relakit2, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. This is my first guide. Hope it helps! (Sorry for bad picture quality, I used my computer.)

    1. Take a deodorant.

    2. Twist the bottom until the stick is as far out as it will go.

    3. Take out the stick. (I recommend using a paper towel, it is very smelly and slippery.


    4. Go to the sink. Bring the cap, too. Fill the empty tube with water until it is near its capacity, put on the cap, and shake hard. Repeat as many times as necessary until it is clean of any deodorant residue (add soap if needed).

    5. Get another paper towel, and wipe the inside dry. Remove any residue if found.

    6. Fill up your stash.

    7. Be stealth!

    Thanks for reading! :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. very nice idea. +rep
  3. Dad-"hey i ran out of deodorant. Let me borrow yours for a secound."
    Me- " oh shiiiittttt"

    I like the idea though.
    nice job.
  4. this is brilliant
  5. GG living with the rents xD

    I've seen this idea many times, not too bad, requires smokin from blunts unless you have a small pipe or one-hitter.
  6. Haha holy shit man, I did this a couple weeks ago and was just thinking on making a tut on here too. Looks like you beat me to it, nice job though.
  7. yeah im living with them over the summer. 3 more weeksss!!!!!
  8. ive been doing this for a longg time. mainly for on the go purposes,

    Very good idea.
  9. thats pretty sweet!
  10. This is a nice idea. I will have to try it.
  11. Have you accidently tried to apply your stash as deoderant yet? Heh.
  12. I've been doing this For over 3 years, the only thing I do diFFerent and i think works way better is I take a playing card, and then cut it out in the outline oF the inside oF the stick, then I put my stash in and then place the playing card over the stash. Then I place about a 1/2 inch to an inch long pieece oF the deoderant back on top oF the card.

    This way iF someone does go to youse your d. stick you can yell no For whatever reason, and iF the do open it they won't suspect anything. also it takes care oF the smell.
  13. Haha, no. I can see that happening, though.

    Storing straight bud in there.

    Me: Dude I smell so much like weed. I'm blazedddd.
    Friend: Put deodorant on your clothes.
    Me: (Wipes the stick all over my body, then realizing that I'm now covered in weed). ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
  14. #16 x602-TOKERx, Oct 7, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2008
    I made one with a plaster stick that went up and down with the dial. Just popped right off and kept everything out of view. Made that shit for a school trip to hide everything in. They're good though, and super quick and easy.

    And don't put the real stick back in there, your bud will taste like speed stick. And thats no good :(
  15. i used a can opener at the bottom of an empty air freshener.
  16. haha good idea, my friend emptied out a chap stick and puts like a g in there.

    i have i little silver cylinder that my dad gave me when i was a boy scout for matches, i now roll j's all night and they fit perfectly. it's nice, holds about 5 j's
  17. well.... there could be some improvements..... such as hollowing out that little middle piece.... you need a pair of scissors or a saudering iron...... and you could of put a top on it... but overall good shit +rep
  18. I worked at a summer camp this past summer and thats how I stowed away all my stuff. I only took like a half eighth with me (trying to smoke like I do at home when I'm at camp is nearly impossible without toally burning yourself out) and my chillum, stuck it in my locker in plain sight and nobody ever knew.

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