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  1. Hi!

    I am excited to be closer to planting and harvesting my first outdoor crop!!! I have secured land, navigated through a little bit of legal paperwork to get permits, worked the land and set up an infrastructure to support growing in a remote location.

    While still working on it, I am ready to start working on the greenhouse. However, I lack the knowledge and experience and was really hoping any of you could chime in and help in any way you can!

    Here is my plan:

    - Produce organic Cannabis concentrate

    C02 extraction would be a dream , but Out of my budget. This is a homemade operation so I was thinking of using coconut oil or making a tincture.

    I have not picked the strains. I could say that a combination of Charlottes Webb and White widow or Super Silver Haze, but I’m not sure my outdoors conditions are appropriate for many strains. The local strains are low thc so this is a challenge.

    My outdoor conditions are

    - Daily temperature average 90f. Not unusual to reach 100. Average throughout the year. (In the Caribbean, daily sun hours are always around 12 hours. Is there a farmers calendar to check that?)

    - Very heavy pests

    ⁃ Heavy moisture

    - I do not want to use any chemicals or pesticides

    - Build or buy a small greenhouse for vegetation with blackout ability so they can get 18 hours of light for vegetation.

    ⁃ For the potted plants in the greenhouse, use soil that we prepare using Combination of

    land from site (% depends on particular site. Some spots need more help as they are brownish in color and a little rocky)

    Compost using Clean out from chicken poop (organically fed), rice shelling, horse manure, green leaves from surrounding area, plantains.Coconut shell shredded . red Worms feed on this until its ready. The black liquid is collected for foliar spray

    • Use California Lightworks Slarsystem 1100 (1000 watt equivalent)

    Specs say it covers 8f*8 for vegetation.

    I think this means I could take 8 seedlings 12 weeks under each of these lights? Is that the appropriate space? I realize I haven't picked a strain yet, but averagely speaking for outdoor strains?

    • If I build the greenhouse as opposed to buying it, how to address ventilation for heat and humidity ? How to choose the proper material for my climate?
      if I build it should be worth the savings...not sure ....

    • any pesticide recipes would be greatly appreciated! Also plan to foliar spray with worm tea, some say that should be enough?

    • Should I be concerned about these babies growing all sheltered and then coming out to grow outdoors? Strong winds, what if theres a rain downfall...change in nutrients in soil.....
    Will they be strong enough?

    I am particularly worried about pests.

    Hey I get excited! But, I would really appreciate any feedback you could share !!!

    Thanks and have a nice day!!!


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