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  1. Hello City,
    I have a question....

    How come there are so many guest online compared to registered members... Don't you guys want to join the boards OR is it because most people do not use the "remember me" feature....... I mean take a look

    <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><THEAD><TR><TD class=tcat colSpan=2>What's Going On?</TD></TR></THEAD><TBODY><TR><TD class=thead colSpan=2>[​IMG] Currently Active Users: 414 (89 members and 325 guests) </TD></TR></TBODY><TBODY id=collapseobj_forumhome_activeusers><TR><TD class=alt2>[​IMG]</TD><TD class=alt1 width="100%">Most users ever online was 635, 05-04-2006 at 10:19 PM.
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  2. Maybe people who surf this site are underage and nice enough to obey the cities rules(NOT LIKELY)


    They enjoy reading posts and shit like that but are antisocial and/or they just dont want to post
  3. So you think it's more likely the ratio at any given time for people who like to talk vs people who don't is 89:325.... I would think people-especially those who smoke- would enjoy talking and socializing more. Or atleast 50%
  4. Who knows, ver unlikely but maybe its the first chioce?
  5. Yea, I just find it odd. I noticed it tuesday morning I think. I saw like 4 members and 80+ guests, I was like holy shit.

    Just been wondering about it since......
  6. Never notice it until you brought it up, but i wouldn't encourage a huge growth of GC with the whole mod issue. And I personally would not like another swarm of new members like whe OG closed down.

    Ohh good reason... Maybe their from OG and are too scared to join another forum b/c of what happened?
  7. well, some of those guests were only here to shop and just wanted to see what the forums were about

    most people who join say "hey i have been lurking for a while" sooo i am sure most of them are that way

    from time to time i wont log in(if i am on my downstairs comp) cuz i am either too messed up to type or something of the sort

    not like it matters, as we have 5000+ active members. In time, the good ones will come around i am sure

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