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Guests Please Read This

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VolcomSton3d, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. I don't care about this thread and that it's in the wrong section or that it's spam w/e. For all you people searching the forums right now, just sign up already. I mean theres 21 guests and 9 registered user on right now. Just make a name and a password and you can actually be a part of this great community, instead of just lurking around. Your bothering me. Im gonna go get high. Don't do drugs.
  2. Okay...I did. =D
  3. Welcome to GC gradefpoultry! Please feel free to post a little about yourself in the CHILL OUT ZONE > Introduce yourself section.

    Smoke it til its ash.
  4. Most of them are probably under 18.
  5. Naturally: it's the internet. this forum threatens the banhammer if they are.

  6. i dont kno bout everyone else but i didnt give a fuck bout what the front pages of porn websites said wit their age restrictions ;)

    nd i never got that "got to be over 18" rule on here weed's illegal anyway :D

    i got a new pipe today and i just got done christenin it yay!!!!
  7. The reason why there's an age limit is because the shop comes before the forums.

    Think of it this way, the shop is like a head shop, the forums are the collective stoners chatting it up in the back. So just like you wouldn't let a minor into the headshop to chat with said stoners, because it would risk the shop being shut down plus huge fines for the vendor/owners, we don't let minors into our site. It's a completely reasonable rule.
  8. Allow me to explain the rule. Superjoint, the owner of this site provides the forums to us. He has a business that comes before the Shop. What happens within the forums could affect his business. He is very well aware, per his legal advisors, as to what he can and can not have here. If we knowingly allow anyone under the age of 18 to play at the City, then we're risking his business and therefore his livelihood. That should be crystal clear. :)

    *I posted while you were posting, Ruse, or I wouldn't have bothered because you covered it for the most part.
  9. well said . the man has to look after his income before enjoyment even tho i bet this headshop is a labor of love (it would be for me at least) and he needs to protect it.

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