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  1. how long you think i should veg a plant for to get 2oz off it, using lbh's 4way lst guide, cfls al the way, ffof soil, big bloom, tiger bloom, grow big, molasses. just tryin to get a rough idea on how long to vegg since my goal is 2oz

    blue cheese and red diesel are the strains
  2. i'd say 6 or 7 weeks.
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    I just harvested my first plant ever last night, bagseed/rubbermaid/cfl's/LST, using FF soil/nutes/solubles, as well as molasass between feedings, and after vegging for 6 weeks and flowering for 9, I ended up with 129g wet, or 4.55 ounces. (wet, that is).

    I have a 2nd plant that vegged for 8 1/2 weeks instead of 6, and is at 7 1/2 weeks flowering, and it seems to have a much bigger/longer cola. It also had alternating nodes before I put it into flowering.

    In my limited experience, the longer you veg, the better.

    Harvest weight depends on so many factors, but if the criteria is veg time, I'd let it veg as long as possible, at least 6-7 weeks, no less, but the plant that vegged for 8 1/2 weeks is noticeably bigger and bigger buds.
  4. Shit dude if youre gonna veg for 6 or 7 weeks you might as well stretch it out to 8 or nine and take some clones, get a perpetual harvest goin. especially if you like the strains youre growin.
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    i'd go with eight, it lets your plant more naturally get to the two ounce yeild, but if you lst right, it can be done consistently in less.;.. but id say 8 weeks if you wana be sure and are new to growing...

    Edit: do 9 or 10, clone it after 8 or 9 (give it a week to grow new tops) make 2 or 3 mothers, and flower the rest... u shld get about a QP, along with many clones to come....
  6. How many plants are you talking about? Your set-up seem good, I love the Red Diesel Strain. I would veg those till they are about 14-16inches tall and then switch to 12/12 for 8 weeks. One thing you have to remember is yes when you harvest you will have 4 ounces but once dried and cured subtract about 75% of that weight. :smoking:
  7. it is tough to say w/o experience using CFLs the entire grow. seed banks don't use cfl's, so they only quote HIDs. anyhow, i can say that nyc diesel takes about 3 months of veg or 10+ weeks to get over 2 oz's of dry per plant with CFLs. i must also say that my friend achieved those numbers quite singularly in his grow. meaning, only 1 or 2 of many exhibited such vigorous growth w/ cfl's. since i have no knowledge of red diesel growing, i can assume i know 50% of the strains genetics thru the nyc deez. i do not know what other part is the Red in red deez. if u tell me, i can perhaps tell you more.

    my best bet would be to vegg 2+ months at minimum to ensure the plant is capable of supporting such bud growth in an ideal enviro. or, just veg to the maximum capability of your grow set-up. let those dimensions be your guide. the rest is up to your enviro, as you know. goodluck man & pleez do lemme know what the other half of Red deez is & keep us updated.
  8. you are better off going by height rather than time cause time will always vary strain to strain. so to tell you to go between 6-8-10 weeks that is not good advice. i say i'd say wait till they get 16-18" then flower. using your plant will almost triple notion this will make your plant between 3.5 - 4ft tall and more than capable of producing an adult size yield. cfl's will take you longer to grow to adult size. a couple of the people commenting primarily use hps therefore their time table is flawed. height is your best judgement. hope this helped

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