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    How close am I to really flowering? And are all those stipules at the top the meaning of a cold beginning to form? Because the leaves are growing sighting different towards the top now. All nodes have pre flower, top 3 or 4 have small clear pistils and pre flowers are starting on bud branches

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  2. another 10 weeks or 15 weeks ? your out side who knows where you need to tell us this .
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  3. In 10 weeks in barely gonna see buds growing or I'm gonna be close to harvest in 10 weeks.. lighting is decent but it's right next to the orange tree and the potioning of the backyard walls prevents some hours of light
  4. it wont flower unless there is 14 or less hours of light . hope this helps .
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  5. Could it do that if those walls block sun, east and west ? Or is there lumens still hitting it? Thanks though I appreciate it
  6. it needs to be almost totally dark . . bring her in for 12 hours back out for 12 hours . it will flower but you have to do it almost the same time every day with in half hour
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  7. Ok.. but it's in ground
  8. Nobody can answer that question but you... you have to look up your local daylight hours and follow them... as the other poster said once it drops to below 14 hours they'll start flowering and take anywhere from 2-3.5 months to finish flower depending on the weather again and how long you can grow outdoors. (And obviously the strain itself)

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  9. dig it up plant it into a pot if your in a rush .
  10. This is why I never really put in any effort to grow outside.

    At the mercy of good ol Mother Nature...she's a big B, if u didn't know lol
  11. On the other hand one outdoor harvest could last you all year...

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  12. True. The size that cannabis can get to outdoors is crazy as hell.
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  13. I
    Figuring that out as I go!! SMFH it's stressful bruh, too many factors
  14. I'm noticing that.. my plant is like 3 feet now
  15. Do you have a grow journal ?
  16. Yes
  17. I have a memo from the beginning and thrn I switched to the plant diary app

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