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Guess Wut The Kcuf Happend??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WestCoastStoner, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. my moms caught my pops in the garage tokin, and she told him to throw away the bong.....he put it in the trash gently,
    but then my mom comes up, grabs the bag, and swings it into the trash.......swings it pretty damn hard.......well she
    was doin that, i saw her through the window and i was wonderin wut she was doin, but if i wouldve known it was Precious, i wouldve jumped through the window and saved it......but damn, thats some fucked up shit........
  2. Oh dude that is fucked up. I feel for you man, Ive had a piece or two go that route. But that sucks, usually spouses are chill with their cignificant other sparking, but to be that downright negative is a shame, really sorry to hear man :(
  3. lame, its just some weedifice
    so whatifice
  4. i am sorry for your loss. i will dedicate my session later tonight to you!
  5. Bummer... could you still salvage it, I mean, it's your garbage and it probably wasn't mixed with anything really nasty....? use some gasoline on it or something. Just get it all out before you light up lol
  6. damn dude iw ould never marry somebody that isnt cool with me loving 2 ladies ...if that bitch doenst like mary jane, she can pack her bags and get the fuck out of my house lol.

  7. From how he described his mom "swinging" it down, it sounds to me like she broke it, not just set it nicely in the garbage. But if I'm wrong, go salvage that!

    Also, and Luke, that shit sucks. She bought you the bong, then broke it? Why?

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