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Discussion in 'General' started by RichManhammer, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Michael Richards will be starring in a new comedy series next fall where he will be living in a black community with nothing but blacks all over the place. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!

    But seriously, he is a funny guy. No racist remark will ever taint his fantastic portrayal of Cosmo Kramer.
  2. As much as I\'m wondering whether this is a trolling post or just an outrageous introduction, the above-quoted statement is true. He will always be Kramer, and I will always love him.
  3. KKKramer is a racist, evil, white devil [​IMG]
  4. I don\'t look at Kramer the same way when I see Seinfeld. :( I used to really like him, but ...
  5. That bit was hilarious.
    I wish he would have done it on a Seinfeld episode.
  6. But.....?

    His character will always be awesome, doesn\'t really matter to me if Michael Richards is a racist. The character isn\'t a racist, so whatever.
  7. He always hired Jackie Chiles as his lawyer

    And then there was the time he was dating a black woman, and he was going tanning to look nice to meet her family, but he fell asleep and came out looking black. \"I thought you said you was datin\' a white boy! I don\'t see a white boy...All I see is a damned fool!\"
  8. Damn straight.

    If I had hecklers like that, I\'d go on a racist tirade too. I love Michael Richards and Cosmo Kramer.

    \"[SIZE=\"6\"]I[/SIZE]\'m not a racist, that\'s what\'s so insane about this!\"

    Michael Richards​

    Then again, I support all the trainwrecks... Paris Hilton, Mr. Richards, Britney Spears, the whole lot of em.

  9. were banned for racism and rep abuse just yesterday. Take it like a man and understand that we have rules here.
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