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Guess what?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kazaweed, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Im sooo stoned man :bongin::bongin::bongin:and im like hearing noises that are changing and they are getting jumbled in my head and sounding like my brother so im confused is it my brother or noises going into my head wrong lol :confused_2:
    please do you guys hear stuff when ur stoned?
    I know this sounds wierd guys but yeah
    i need halp
  2. STFU and chill out mannn. Enjoy the high. :wave:
  3. And my chin is vibrating i feel it man and theres nothing else vibrating just my chin
  4. Alright, you're too high. Relax, it's something that happens to everyone once or twice. I know just what to do (; go to YouTube, look up "Dont Worry Be Happy" and listen to it, close your eyes, and just try to relax. Remind yourself of all the good high times and that Mary Jane is your friend; not your enemy
  5. i wish i could be that high again
  6. Try shrooms.



    Jking. Shroomies.
  7. Im on youtube allready
  8. lol this really needed it's own thread.... ;)

    Glad to hear you're happy :p I'm getting ready to roll a joint as soon as I finish some homework lol.

    [ame=]YouTube - Shaggy - Boombastic[/ame]
  9. I was smoking a blunt in the woods the other day and I coulda sworn I heard my friend buying lottery tickets the jackpot ring for 5 bucks over and over. :smoke:
  10. lol mad

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