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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PaydeFoReeL, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. I smoked some dank with somepeople last night outside our dorm at like 3 in the morning. For free. Im just so cool. Then when we went back inside, the DR(desk receptionist dude) was sleepin. heheehee aha. Earlier I asked him for some of his Papa John's pizza but he was like no, i have to stay here until 7... So, I was high as hell and I was hungry. That norml right... so I snuck up to the desk like a ninja and a lifted the top and reached in and grabbed the closest slice!
    hahahaheehee aha. Everyone was laughin so hard, im suprised he didnt wake up haaha fucker, you should have shared! He should have shared right? nEwayz thought Id humor yall. PEACE!
  2. eew i dont like pizza from there.. but munchies are the bitch!
  3. Haha...That's pretty funny.. Bet he woke up, opened the box and starting asking himself if he was eating in his sleep.. :D
  4. Haha, sounds like something I'd do.
  5. that was wrong... you should buy him back that slice of pizza
  6. i hope your not serious.
  7. LOL

    good times good times :)
  8. For one he should have shared, I would have shared. my mommy told me that i should always share. And for two he was sleepin on the job. I just deducted his pay a little by gettin me a slice, thats all...
  9. so if a stranger comes to you and asks for a gram of weed, you'd just share with him? i think someone should shut up... your principle is pretty wrong, but i hope that pizza taste good
  10. guys, u need to calm down, it was only one slice of pizza, it's not the end of the world, i doubt the guy even noticed the missing slice. he probably didn't count how many slices he had before he nodded off
  11. think of it this way... if you would have left a dollar in the box you wouldnt have ripped him off, and it would have been even funnier. he wakes up with a pizza missing a slice and a dollar in its place... just my thoughts... karma is karma
  12. haha stoners arguing about pizza

    or is it "argueing"?

  13. Man nobody gives fuck about your pussies who sayin that was wrong need to get the hell outta here or stop trying to spill this moral bullshit all over such a little thing! stop argueing before i hurt your feelings.
  14. shit i would have stole the whole damn pizza and munched on it with the guys that smoked me up. no joke

  15. see... now thats bad karma, you dont want that do you?
  16. Well its just stupid, im sittin here chillin readin a semi funny thread and all of the sudden we have these geeks posting about how it is bad karma to steal a slice of pizza and comparing expensive pot to a ridiculous slice of pizza, sorry but i just had to vent on those little pussies.

  17. hahaha that is fucking funny...

    of corse i would share my weed with anyone who asked...isent that part of being a stoner?

    and i too would steel the pizza.....

    fuck'em if they cant take a joke
  18. It's nice to share,especially food and weed.
  19. i agree you should always share your bud..and food where aplicable...

    it will come back to you every time!

  20. exactly, so if you asked someone to get a hit off thier blunt, and they said no, does that make it ok to steal some of thier stash when they fall asleep? no... it will come back to you every time.... so stealing is wrong. its exactly what most people are saying, bad karma... it doesnt matter what the thing is worth... and a slice of pizza IS worth alot, ecspecially to some desk receptionist with a lousy 8-10 night shift, dont you think he gets hungry?

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