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Guess What?! Raaant!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. yep, thats right folks...i took a couple weeks off, from toking, couldnt find a job, so i decided what the hell ...smoke a i dug into my box, got out my bottle of stems and shake and seeds, took a fair amount off of some seeds and a fair amount of substantial shake...and packed one helluva bowl!!!fuuuCK IM STONED...sweet sassy mollassh up my my grandmas skirt while she rides anaked donkey through the appalachian maooooountains coated in a nice layer of hash..dont you hate it when you nurture and take kare of three weed plants........AND NOT A FUCKING ONE IS FEMALE....or at lest shows signs of being fmeale or male yte, too early for the budding hahahah! yall thought i was a loser with three male plants.....fuck that, id make hash then.....whoooaaaaaa buddy am i stoned...i shoulda got that roach off my pooo and put him in a cage and made him sing and dance like that frog in those cartoons, when the guy looks away he breaks out in song and dance...i dont even remmbember what he sings, but he does, and i laugh , a lot, fuck me stoned while riding a cow...i dont like cows, they moo a lot, im smoking a cigarrette it is smokey....why is my hand raised you ask nubbin?...i dont know, that will be revealed when it falls off.......what if my arm fell off..would it hurt, i dont like hurting myself by raising my arm, not that ive ever done it before though, fuck yeah im high, stoned, blasted, blazzzed, fried, lambasted, adam sandler is a funny mother fucker funniest shit i have ever seen while stoned. oh man cig dropping ashes..OW FUCKEDY MCFUKERTONE oi ddidnt want to flick them , instead im typing zoned out and ranting and they fall on me bare chest, fuck that hurts ouwsing, i dont mind burning myself with ashes but i worng raiste my hand to hur tit meow, fuck goates while they ride monkeys flying through trees screaming gerorge george george of they jungel watch out for that gona smoke another bowl tonight and post another rant which will be mucho bettero cuz im smoking a cig now and it is distracting me.
  2. Nice rant, ummmm, oh my cousin had a bunch of clones he got from a friend, and they grew to about 6ft tall, and then they grew balls, his friend took clones from a fuckin male, lol. Well i went over to his place and he gave me all the leaf because its worthless to him, i only have like 4 bowls of it left.
  3. ah, norm buddy, good to hear from you!! toke on witchca bad self. hehe ;) :smoke:

    nam, nam, smoking man
    toking shake and seeeeeeds
    merrily merrily rantin on
    keepin me smiley!
  4. and imull smoke another when mom goes to bed!!!!!!!!!
  5. haha, that's namron for ya :D
  6. your av flashes too!!!
  7. bump ...bump...bumpin back up to the top...

    im a shameless rant whore!
  8. HEY. I thought you were gonna hear me out before you just started ranting about tha whoring. man oh man alive. you try and give a lil help and well like anyone else I guess, takes it in their own hands and does it, tries it themselves. I mean I wasnt talking gettin you a degree, diploma or anything but just some suggestions....yea know norm? come on least then, let us is the whoring going??
  9. bok bok chicken mmmmmm.

    where can a girl like me....get a whore like you?!?
  10. at tha city!
  11. i see said the blind man

    to the deaf dog.

    Attached Files:

  12. oh my BAD lmao...that pic goes to the other thread about pittsburg. ha.
  13. "Tell me that your my own my baby.... Hello my baby! Hello my honey! Hello my ragtime (summertime) gal! Send me a kiss by wire! Baby my hearts on fire! If you refuse me honey you lose me! Then you'll be left alone, telephone and tell me, tell me, tell me, I'm your very own"

    - that frog who dances when nobody's looking and nobody beleives porky but it dances goddamn it! I know it does!
  15. DAMN IT!

    I was gonna quote the frog cartoon...
    oh well. Who would win in a fight? Spongebob or Invader Zim?
  16. Johny the Homicidal Maniac would just bust in and kill Invader Zim for being a watered down version of Vasquez's awesome art.

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