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  1. Ok, I'm too high right now, but guess what just happened not 20 mins ago.

    My parents were leaving to go eat and such for Cinco De Mayo, so right after they left, I got out my bud and started to pack my g. My mom starts knocking on the door (I live in a trailer, so this is hard to avoid.). I got frantic cause my bud was all over the counter, I accidently spilled a little, and ran to hide the rest. It was like it was the most classic story, of a kid getting caught. She walked up "what's this all over the floor?", I get super silent, and just kinda look at her, and she says 'This is what I think it is...". Then she hugs me and tells me she loves me and told me a lot about her past in like 5 minutes, and then left out the door saying "Listen to some Floyd".

    Ok, first off, this is a huge ass shock for me. I can't stop thinking about it. It's monumental. Me and my mom have always had a pretty tight relationship, I knew she was from the '70s and she had always layed low and said she tried once and blacked out. Well just then, she told me she had bongs and pipes nd 10 sacs with like 3 grams. It was crazy. Man, I just don't really believe it, because how I always thought she was completely against it like extremely.
  2. Swap mom's?
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    I know right man, I am still shocked.

    I just realized how much I love weed on so many different levels. Cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine... meth..., no one can relate to people they love with it. You can try, but it's not real, it's not authentic. People go out and drink a beer with their favorite people, but it's not as from the heart as weed. It just connects people, everyone knows, everyone's tried it, everyone's been around it, it just bonds people. It's too hard to explain.
  4. I love what you said about it bonding people. So true. I get what you mean totally :)
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    Good, glad some understands man
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    Yea sorry double post
  7. Your mum could not be any cooler :hello: im so jealous
  8. Man, I'm just shocked as hell still.
  9. Who cares I've smoked with my friends mom a grip
  10. That ain't shit. Some kid tried selling me ecstasy on his doorstep with his mom And dad like 10 feet away

  11. I don't care how badass it is that my mom is cool with it, I don't give a shit about that, I was just telling the story, and of how I bonded with my mom.
  12. that shocked feeling will stay with you for a few hours. then youll be in the "this is really fuckin cool" stage.

    bwaha parents
  13. very nice always good to have parents who are open like that
  14. My mom did the same shit but that was a long time ago lol
  15. Haha, thanks everyone, the only thing is, she said she wouldn't tell my dad, because he's from the really strict 50's generation, and he thinks weed is evil, but I kinda want him to know too, i don't know
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    Ha ha ha your mom is the shit and yeah there is nothing wrong with weed I love it I'd rather smoke then drink any day
  17. how do you think i get my buddage? hahah.
    but im over 18, so its not THAT shocking to myself anymore hahh
  18. nice man, thats pretty dope
  19. haha damn, how's that for a twist..
    smoking with parents is such a good feeling, and it really does strengthen the bond so, so much.
    I convinced my mom to smoke with me a while ago, and she did and she loved it. I've never bonded with her so well lol. then she started going to church again, and again concluded that it was i'm sure that won't happen to you though ;)
  20. Luuuuuucky. If it weren't for my dumb ass mom my step dad would probably smoke me out all the time :(

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