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Guess what I just found

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DailyToker, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. .....a nutella firecracker! wrapped in foil and inside a ziploc bag. I remember I made a few about 3 months ago, must not have got around to eating the last one. Will it still work do you think? Like how long do they usually last for, it doesn't have any funky smells or looks to it, smells like a normal firecracker. Good idea or no? :smoke:
  2. eat it and find out, it's what I'd do, if u get sick it's no good
  3. id eat it...
  4. lol i wouldve ate it in a heart beat :smoke:
  5. Yeah.. i'd be in my stomach already :devious:
  6. Yeah time to nut up or shut up dude. If there ain't no mold or nothing on it, I'd take a small bite and wait 30 minutes. If I wasn't blind after the thirty minutes, num num num.
  7. Eat it! The longer they sit the more potent they get (Until all the thc has been absorbed).
  8. Eat it bro, it will be stronggggggggg

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