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    I know, I know. You can't tell the exact yeild because there's so many factors that are involved up till harvest. I just want an estimate is all. NO SMART-ASS COMMENTS. The height is 5ft., diameter is 4ft., in the ground, feed the foxfarm line, and the strain is Durban Poison. It gets full sun all day.

    Thanks for the estmates, tis much appreciated. After harvest I will let everyone know who was the closest.

  2. like 3 grams of schwagg
  3. good light and good nutes, half lb for sure.
  4. i loled when i read that..

    to me it looks like ull get atleast half lb but i know nothing about this so goodluck :D
  5. Thanks for the mature answer bro. I really hope i'll get that much!
  6. beautiful plant bro

    you top that to make it have several main cola stems?

  7. Never harvested outdoors but...7 oz's. My bigger plant looks really similar to yours GL!
  8. Thanks man. Yup, the deer actually topped it for me hah. It would of had almost 5 more main shoots if the deer didn't munch them off also. The only thing I did was a little LST and alotta love.

    Thanks Green and ThePot for your input as well. Much appreciated.

  9. Is it female?

    ..I freakin' loved the magnify thing on the image!! ..gonna try to get that working myself. Thanks :)

    I'm guessing about 6 oz too. GL man!
  10. Thanks bro. Yup 100% female. I'm really diggin that magnify scroll over also, but every time I do it, it freezes my screen for like 2 min...prolly just my connection. 6oz would be a pretty good blessing. Much appreciated.

  11. I'm going with eight, v nice looking plant.
    A friend has many going, largest are 21 and 24 feet in circumfrance!

    My trainwreck is about twenty feet around, four and 1/2 feet high, tied down. Hoping for bout a half or more. Then there are the Mandala Kalichukra that are now up to seven feet. First outdoor, not the last. So many fewer problems. I'm just loving it.

    Looking good, and gl in school!


  12. Thanks buddy, would be nice to see some proof of those monsters:D. Whats up with the good luck in school?? Don't get it...i'm outta school..but thanks anyway.
  13. I think you'll get at least 6 ozs if you harvest at the right time.

    When you harvest, give us a report on that smoke. I'm thinking of getting some Nirvana Durban Poison for an indoor grow - just want an idea of what to expect.
  14. 6 to 8, feed them a little molasses beginning 3 weeks prior to harvest, it will make bigger heavier buds
  15. I say a full 5 Ounces dryed. And you can feed them flavor components too like soda or fruit juices
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    Thanks nuglord and pork. I know all the tricks in the book to increase weight but thanks for teh tip anyway oldpork. And I sure will do a full report nuglord. But to the post above me...thanks for your estimate, but theres no way in hell i;m risking my crop just for a little extra flavor or whatever you planeed on to increasing with adding fruit seems like you dont know what your talking about, that would kill your plants by adding soda. PLEASE DONT GIVE FALSE ADVICE, DAMN KIDS!!


  17. LOLZ!!!

    those dam kids!

    haha your right though he is dumb... and im a noob and i know that so hopefully all the rest of my kind will...

    my guess is 6oz 4.3grams....

    i like to be accurate lmao... :hello:
  18. Absolutely beautiful. I will go as high as 9 oz if it is the ground. 6 if it is in a container the same size as the ones in the foreground. Very healthy vigorous looking plant I'm jealous.

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