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  1. I wanted a pot plant and ended up with this, already over 1 square yard 50+ tops in 22gal being fed GH 2part. When I was at the hydro store I asked for a full pacakge and they whiped me up a box nutes and such to finish my season and ph tester. Anyone whos grown lst wanna guess what a plant like this could grow if it's well taken care of outdoors? If it's 3+oz I break even. The screen is 44" square for reference, I'd like to fill it out and think I have 2+ weeks of veg left.

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  2. you keeping it outdoors?
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    Yep, I'm at 49n if that helps, It was stated end of april under 24hr CFl for 1-1 1/2 months then slowly transitioned to 18/6 over a couple weeks and put outside July first.
  4. So thats good for a first try? Just kidding, I guess if you read the stickies and follow a few simple rules you can get it right the first time. She just started flowering and got fed 20gal of GH floranova for the "transition" part of the schedule. I wish I had more perlite in there so I could water every 2 days instead of 5. I had some time today and just kept gently training out the bumps and highspots and gained a couple inches width and opened it up so some smaller tops can catch up. I thrilled to think I might have covered alot of my smoke for the next year for $600 and some enjoyable lesuire time activity/work.
  5. I'm 5'8" 130-140lbs...

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  6. Haha nice mask broski
  7. It's to protect my loved ones ;)
  8. Lmao nice going man, idk bout a pound but you'll get alot bro. Your gonna shit your pants when all of those are nugs. 541?
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  10. more then a joint, and hopefully less then a felony.
  11. Almost 2 weeks since serious hairs started. I took her hooks off and installed a drip ring to hook up to my "mixerator's" pump. Felony? no I'm in Canada and they might try and charge me "traficking" but between my medical records, having a job, and my not acting like I'm doing somthing wrong it would not stick. They'd rip my plants and give me either a ticket or a court date and "a have a nice day". I've spent enough to buy 4oz on my babies, I think I'm in good shape to break even.

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  12. ^^it is a joke pointing out the futility of guessing yield ^^

    I kinda figured with a location of" a big island in the Pac", you were far from "at risk"

    although I should of added "Nice plant. man".:smoke:

    & let me guess the other one is called "Totesimella":D
  13. I know stated the dificulty of guessing yeild at the begining, I'm not counting my chickens or anything. I just can't come up short on my yet to be built drying space and having big enough carbon filters for it. My "landlords" are very cool so far but that would change if I tried to hang dry a pound or two in the closet of my adjoined apartment. "Totesimella" is the big ones first gen clone, I'm trying a cheap alternitive to smart pots befor I bother making some 50-100gal ones for next year. I actualy called the cops last fall about eratic gunfire at the adjacent logging road, they called back and told me they didn't wanna drive all the way out there and asked if I could co get a description or a liscence plate number. I've beeen around guns my whole life and this sounded like a guy spinning in place popping off with a semi-auto .22 so I said fuck that.
  14. How the heck are you getting something to grow like that outside in the PNW ?
    Especailly with the cold summer we've been having. I can't even get that kind of results in my greenhouse. That must be a very cold hardy strain.
  15. Inside under cfl May and June, outside in July in a big ass pot, yes I'm also starting to belive shes a hardy strain. I've got her first cutting outside witrh her and 2 more in my box so I can keep the genetics for next year. I'd like to see what she does next year with GH nutes from the begining and proper growing medium, I gonna start inside even earlier then green house then out and grow som LSTs that are visible from space;) It flowers mid August to boot, good for around here wish I knew what she is. You're just south of me I guess I'd think it'd be a little warmer?

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  16. im not good at all at this kinda thing but id say 3/4 lb at the least :laughing: :confused::smoke: you might cut it close with some harsh weather but i dont know about your climate at all lol
  17. It was still t-shirt weather in mid/late October last year, my July first seed plants are just gonna show now don't have a lot of faith in them finishing.

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