Guess the Weight. 7 weeks into flower.

Discussion in 'General' started by Pabs, May 29, 2019.

  1. Here are my 5 ladies after a res change. Very stumpy, very stinky.

    7 weeks into flower.

    I'd love a guess of the final dried weight from you guys

    Mine is 25 oz (1.5lbs)...if I get lucky

    What do yall recon?

    20190528_215037.jpg 20190528_215058.jpg
  2. 2 metric fathoms squared :)
  3. That's brilliant.

    I thought Spike Milligan and the Goon Show influenced Monty Python, which influenced everyone.. but you mate... Wow.

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  4. Seriously, its hard to say. What are the dimensions of the grow tubs?
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    The bottle in the last pic is s 1ltr. In American terms that's 33oz.

    The dimensions are about 80cm by 40cm each res.

    There are 5 res in the picture.
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  6. I'm down with metrics, from AU. Well yeah, you might have 5 oz per tub, I hope so.

    More importantly, it looks like the quality is there. Nice.
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  7. Cheers mate. They've been absolute shits if I'm honest.

    Bubblegum by Serious seeds. The genetics have been all over the place. It'll probably be a staggered harvest.

    Whereabouts in AU are you?
  8. FNQ.

    Is that the warm glow of an HPS in the background of your pics?
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  9. Lucky bastard. I've spent time in Sydney and Melbourne, but even going as far up as Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast makes me very jealous of you up there.

    No offence, but I really didn't like Melbourne.

    Anyway, yeah. 2 x 600w sunmaster HPS deluxe in vented hoods.

    I should really post my setup rather than this silly thread but got a bit drunk tonight soooooo....cant help myself.

    I'm a pom by the way, but I guess you'd probably worked that out already!
  10. A Clever pom, smart choice :)

    I totally understand bored, drunken decisions. Good for you.
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  11. Two things, if I might?

    First, I’ve no idea how much experience you’ve got with gardening Cannabis indoors and mean zero I’ll will - but only my own experience growing indoors for so many years I burned out and gave my equipment away - psyched as hell for the break lol

    Anyhoo -

    1. Man - don’t count your chickens before they hatch. This will only ever made for disappointment. If you must, though, and seriously, way way way under estimate so that you don’t get disappointed. It’s amazing how much cannabis dries out and by the time it’cured properly, it will be a minute heap of what you originally started with

    Whatever you do end up with, it’s much much more than you started with so be psyched on your harvest!

    2. The last several weeks Is so ridiculously important so whatever you do, when you think it can’t possibly get any better - at all, whatsoever, wait another week.

    nugs can double weight the last several weeks.

    I’ve grown a ridiculous amount of strains over the years and when I hear that a specific variety is ready for harvest in eight weeks I always chuckle - I am 10 or 12 weeks later as well and I’ll often harvest.

    I never ever dated my herb for a “harvest date”. Weeks don’t matter. When your buds are actually ready and mature - you’ll know.

    Aromas and flavors come alive in the last several weeks. Harvesting at eight weeks because that’s what it says on the package is so wrong. So many of these so called breeders. I think that people want to hear how quickly their herbage will be ready for harvest, and while that might be true with the newer gardeners, The older and wiser gardeners understand the importance of allowing their cannabis to finish as long as possible without going too far. This can often be a month after the estimated harvest date but when you taste and smell of the bugs that have been allowed to actually mature then you’ll know what I’m referring to.

    My apologies if you have more experience and harvests than I thought but again, please, no offense meant and only trying to help.

    Good luck to you. Your buds are very nice looking so far - let them go FULL term!


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  12. All good advice mate and thanks for the post. I've done a few grows but always happy to have other opinions and experience.

    I think I've got about another week or so, I'll post on here when I've dried and taken the final weight. Anything over w0oz and ill be happy.

  13. Totally agree. Check those trichomes for the color your looking for. Cloudy pull em IMO. Some go a little amber too. To much amber and you could get couch lock. All depends on the high your looking for.

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