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  1. I have seven plants just going into their third week of flower, with four weeks remaining. Three of the plants are about 30" high, two about two feet high and two short ones check in at about 20". They sit under a 400 watt hps with temps around 80, humidity at 40 and are fed with Age Old liquid fert and some bat guano.

    I've been told that I should get about an ounce per foot off these but in my previous grows, I had come no where near this. But my previous grows were with bagseed. My current grow is with high quality seeds purchased online, two of which are skunk special.

    What do you think my total yield will be? (dry of course)

    I'll check back in five weeks and see who is closest.:confused:
  2. if you want this thread to go anywhere you should prob add some pics of your girls!!!! :D
  3. sorry, no cam. That is why I gave the vivid description of them...:)

    Figured size and strain would be enough.
  4. theres no way anyones going to give an accurate estimate. it would just be a lucky guess.

    you havnt given the strain, or even if its a sativa or indica. just telling someone how tall a plant is without knowing how bushy it is or anything else for that matter, wont get you the answers you want.

    get a cam, take some pics, then maybe youll get an answer
  5. there really are to many factors to accurately even guesstimate a yield. i have heard 1 pound per 1000 watts but i have seen much more and less from a 1000w. if it finishes well i would guesstimate about an ounce per foot not including the first foot. so i would say 2 ounces per tall plant and 1 ounce for the short ones you have. thats just my guesstimate.

    its hard to count chickens before they hatch but you know the deal

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