Guess my yield/need some advice? Two WW plants..

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    Hey guys, first grow here..

    These are "supposedly" White Widow seeds I got from a grower. They might not be, but they're pre-budding like fuck and smell quite nice lol.

    Either way, the one on the right is about 4'10" and the one on the left is about 4'3"... I was told once flowering starts, which is around august 15th in my area..
    that they will double to 2.5x in size. 8-9 feet?

    Anyone here had experience growing this strain? Also, do you think is the least I can expect to get out of em dry, or is it too early to guessitmate? thx.



    Up-close baby cola:

  2. Nice looking plants no matter what they are. If you let them finish and harvest and cure right they will smell just as they do now. If they are budding now you will probably get about four ounces off of each dry. keepm green dirrtyd
  3. they look awesome im doing white widow too
  4. Thanks guys. They're not budding persay, just pre-flowering, meaning a lot of pistils and white and orange (not as much) hairs and stank, no actual buds are forming yet though. That should happen mid-august.
  5. i would say 3 oz per plant
  6. Is say 6-8 if you put them in bigger pots..maybe it's just the pic but thy look small
  7. They're keg-tubs.. so.. they're kinda big.
  8. So yea you should be good to go..I've got 4 oz from plants half that size :)
  9. I'm with Lager on this 6 ounces and trim
  10. Im still saying 6-8 each if all goes well...prob finish around 6-7'
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    I think they will stretch lots more. I bet double the size they are right now. Just watch the stretch is coming.

    Not sure about double but they will get much bigger when the stretch comes or finishes. (not sure of your area)

    You better put some netting on the girls as well. When the buds come and put on weight. The first rain and wind storm you will be breaking branches. Trillis netting is cheap at Home Depot. At best stake the plants and stack your pots so they cannot be tip over by wind.

    As far as what you will get? I will guess that when I see it in full flower.

    Best advice for you is trillis netting.

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