Guess My Yield (First grow)

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  1. Harvest is still a few weeks away so I'm just posting so everyone that wants to guess will have plenty of time to get involved. Not sure if I'm allowed to hold a actual contest, but if I am..... There is a prize for the person that guesses correctly. I will be posting pictures here weekly until harvest! Good luck!!

    "Grow Details"
    Strain unknown
    Growing in soil (Maricle grow at the start transferred into Fox Farms)
    600w Galax hydro and a 450w viparspectra.
    Nutes fox Farms trio and molasses
    Anything else you need from me to just ask!! [​IMG]

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  2. 2 1/2 ozs looking good there

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  3. Looks like you will pull 2-3 zips is that a 10g?

    Looking good jax
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    I'll put my guess in at 150G... just a complete guess it could be more or less... I personally see more than two zips there... hell I got 6 grams shy of 3 zips off of her [​IMG]

    You should either veg longer or grow two plants next grow... you have enough light to benefit from either one.
    (I'm not than great at guessing so I'll be interested to see)
    Grow journal
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  5. About 50-60g when all is said and done.
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  6. 4 ouncez
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  7. Remember you have plenty of time to guess so if you want to wait until the time gets closer it might be better!

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  8. Yes, 10 gallon pot! She's massive for my first grow honestly it's way bigger than I expected and wanted! Had I been more aware and prepared I would have scroged her for sure! Almost 7 feet tall pot and all!!

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  9. Sweet then I'll leave it at around 124g dried that's a big girl right there! Sativa ?

    Nicely done impressive first Grow!
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  10. How long did that one veg for as a reference ?
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  11. Beats me... it was a while though but I'd be a bad example.. I clone my plants when right before I flip them to 12/12 so I have to stunt them to keep em as little as possible before I put them in the tent so I don't really try to get them to grow as fast as possible. Not until they get in the tent and get under LED. You are more than welcome to check out my journals though... have a monster going currently and my last journal cAlled special queen journal or something will give you a better time frame of when these started rooting as I have a few pictures of when they rooted somewhere in the journal.

    Grow journal
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  12. Here's is a picture of the containers....the seed came from one of these. It doesn't smell like skunk yet....but I could just be use to smelling smells sweet to me kinda fruity at times.and it's shown no indica traits that I know of....strong sativa!! Idk.... whatcha think??[​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. It's a sativa dominate hybrid by the looks of it to me.

    The golden goat is sativa dominate but idk I'm not about to be trying to play guess the strain haha.

    Grow journal
  14. Definitely a nice plant man. Overall she filled out wonderfully.
  15. Wow...looking great..if that's 3 feet of plant roughly I'm saying closer to 5 0z buddy...that's my 400 true watts cfl grow...only 1 gallon pots this round...too broke

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    Shit my 18" plant is going to get at least 5oz lol I'm putting my new guess in at 6.5oz. Good luck jax again though I do suck at guessing could be a lot more.

    Also cannabis you can buy 5 gallon fabric pots on eBay for like 75 cents a piece from china... since I'd imagine you aren't in a rush. You'd probably get them in about three weeks which should work out good and fabric pots will work well overall... you could use the reusable shopping bags instead as well.
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  17. I just feel like a dumbass when I look at all your guys grows :(
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