Guess my avatar

Discussion in 'General' started by DarkLeo, May 12, 2010.

  1. Anyone wana play a game?

    If you can guess what my avatar is, I will show a colored version :p

  2. A peacock with a pot leaf for a tail.

  3. it looks more like a turkey with pot leaf feathers.
  4. chicken turkey peacock leaf marijuana man
  5. an emo pinoccio
  6. A swan swimming behind a cannabis plant.
  7. Gotta be Turkey.
  8. a swan with marijuana leaves and turkey feet
  9. This was way to easy!


    Leaf body,
    Turkey head/legs

    The next one will be harder... did this in under 5min lol.

    **Your posts where all awesome by the way :p***
  10. A hemp leaf winged dragon with chicken feet

    EDIT: obviously I was way off, and a minute late :laughing:
  11. Jackal! jackal!......It's a jackal! jackal??!
  12. It wasn't right the first ten times, why would it be right the next twenty???
  13. Quantum Physics
  14. City your source.

    Also, what the hell is your avatar?

  15. Clearly it's a jackal sir

  16. Its a dinosaur.
  17. Actually, it's about 9 posts back.
  18. Ahh, don't know how I didn't see that...

    I still take pride in my original guess.
  19. I can see a swan in it too =)

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