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Guess My Age

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by NdicaBud, May 19, 2002.

  1. Experiment...From seed........topped,fimmed....drowned in ice water,,now recovering...2 days into flower.....1 inch stalk...she is under 800w 50/50 MH,,HPS....2'x4' area.....


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  2. is the ice water part of the idea that stress makes a plant produce more thc?
  3. Thanx woody,,,she is huge,,and every inch of all the branches has growing chutes about an inch or so long,,all the way to each segment of prune/fim where at each site has at least 5 offchutes,and continues close nodes,,,,,,these branches are going to be

    The Ice water was not on purpose,,trust me!!! It was due to the quick thaw,and rain all at once within a day that did this and 3 others in. The water level rose so fast the buckets "floated"...then Splash..completely submerged into the Icy water for several hours....Lost 2,, saved the one pictured above ,and another not so large or full(lived,but not liking it)...

    This is after the water has drained out finally,,you can see it was surely is still not yet prob really was just a test chamber ...sucked to lose the work and time in the other plants though....oh


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  4. At the time the pic was taken this plant was 7 months old....

    nobody even tried to guess...jeez.....


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