Guess its just me, my dub, and my bud tonight..

Discussion in 'General' started by Dankify, Feb 15, 2014.

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    And you know what? I'm totally fine with that thanks to my bud :smoke:
    Who else is chillin by themselves this Friday night and jamming to some music?
    The Bud: Blue Dream
    The Dub:
    I usually dont listen to dubstep, but once it kicks in at 1:20ish this song rocks.

  2. same here but i only got a nug so mght have too do some crazy math too preserve it too the fullest..
  3. My girl didn't give me any tonight (that's ok though because she's pregnant and her stomachs aching and she has to work with her dad tomorrow) ,so I'm just drinking by myself and listening to some music (all generes).
  4. Dub is a kind of reggae music not an abbreviation of dubstep.
    Also glad to hear you are ok with it and getting over your girlfriend.
    I am home alone watching tv and browsing GC. Staying sober as I am trying to quit drinking. Don't smoke anymore. I am pretty bored to be honest.
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    oh well I meant dubstep not reggae, but reggae would fit in this situation too ahahaha. i like all kinds of music.
    thanks man, its still tough from time to time but I'm making it through somehow.
    how come you dont smoke anymore?
  6. Money, and my parents catching me so much that I felt guilty. I am 22 now and they still don't approve and get pissed if they ever smell it. If I had friends that I went out with I would still smoke all the time but I don't. So now it is just when they are out of town out of respect. Luckily they are going out of town in a few weeks for a few days, so I can then.
    It's shitty, but it's fine with me. It is much more special. Before I quit I was smoking several times a day.
  7. I'm at home tonight by my own choice. One group of Friends are going out to party another are playing soccer game and my third group is going to a car show. My social life makes it hard for me to have alone time so I decided fuck it I'm having this day to myself. Smoking bud and listening to music while updating my goals and priorities for life, Which I think everyone should do at least once a year. Just be alone and think about life while setting the sail. Have a great night!

    listening to this right now:

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