guess how much she will yield!

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  1. Purple kush strain gets full sun about four to five feet tall. Full sun. ff nutes grow big once a week. Guess what yield will be! Ill keep it updated too

  2. Probably 150 to 200 grams.
  3. I was thinking around that too
  4. How large is that container? I'm going to guess 3-4 ounces at the lower end yield. Maybe a half pound max.
  5. Pretty sure it's a fifteen gallon pot
  6. bout a QP
  7. I would go with 1/4p or more.. I hope to get lb off mine or i am sending her back.
  8. It's not very bushy so I'm also going with a qp

  9. LOLs.... I'm betting you pull that + ( unless those hands I saw in that pic are attached to little person)
  10. Im going with the boys (and girls) on this one. 4 ounces+.

    This is just another case of "Next year Ill do better" that we see so often around here.

    Well we know what side gets all the sun. Every thought of spinning it 180 prior to every watering?

    Also, LST would of more than doubled your yield, easy. Hardcore Bondage = Buds.

  11. i hope next year we all do better:D
  12. Forsure I turn it every so often theirs actually two plants in the pot one is supercropped so it blends in I'll take a more up close pic later today
  13. I don't think I have enough room in my back yard to do any better than I did already. :rolleyes: :D

  14. No Rat she is a small 1 at 5'2 and 4 wide mine was said to be Royal purple kush anyways heres what she looks like

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  15. ahh.. I was thinking other plant. either way, both are pretty.
  16. image-3457214015.png

    Pk on the left sour d ec on the left. The sd really got bigger the past few weeks
  17. I'm new to growing and this is my first plant can anyone give me a guess on what it will yield? It's the one in my picture
  18. Based on my knowledge maybs two oz. But then again keep in mind I'm not a super expert or nothing

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