Guerrilla Watering in Smartpots/Growpots: Help?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Brother Sweetleaf, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Air-pruning pots seem like a brilliant innovation, in that they create a superior, dense root-ball, thus allowing the plant to bloom incredibly well. Airation is excellent, but so extreme that watering is required much more frequently. Not a problem for most indoor, backyard or greenhouse growers... But what about the guerilla grower?

    If I were to grow some of the larger strains of auto-flowering plants (e.g. Northern Lights, Amnesia, Afgan Kush Ryder, Royal Cheese) in a Growpot/Smartpot somewhere in the wilderness, how would adequate watering be addressed (affordably)???

    The plants are expected to grow huge, despite having only a ten-week grow-cycle, and t
    hey'll be in direct sunlight for most of the day, so will require a lot of drink. There IS a very shallow stream nearby of useable, running water, but I'd rather avoid daily visitations to the site if possible. I've considered using a self-watering system (e.g. Blumat), but mounting the water-reservoir higher than the plants seems impractical & would likely attract attention (being in a field). I've heard that Autopots work great at watering your plant for days or weeks at a time, but $50+ per pot is a bit costly for a half-dozen auto-flowers.

    I've given this matter a great deal of thought over the last several months, and I've run dry on ideas (pardon the pun). I could really use some fresh thoughts & ideas. I'm just trying to maximize my yield for plants that I likely cannot visit daily. Please give the matter some thought, and share your ideas!
  2. Ditch the pots and go in the ground. Dont use too much perlite if you dont want to water regularly. Containers dry out too fast for G grows especially fabric ones. Dig some holes. Hard work is good for you.

  3. Thanks for responding, VooDoom. So you'd plant them in the ground, but after watering, wouldn't (normal) pots hold the moisture of a few gallons of water better & longer than the field itself would? The earth would drink that up in no time, wouldn't it?

    The motive behind this thread is not only education & learning (because I think that a well-watered Growpot/Smartpot must be amazing), but also to ultimately maximize my yield from these autoflowers. So dig it-- I've got fantastic sunlight, security, etc, even nearby water). I can grow in normal pots, or in the ground, perhaps with some Mycorrhizal, but to truly maximize my yield I was going to try some of the newer stuff-- like air-pruning pots, for example.

    Any help, suggestions, or golden nuggets of grower's wisdom is appreciated.
  4. Ive got my autos in pots.. I don't even have to water once a week. If you give them a good amount of any type of mulch.. And put them around a bunch of shorter/thick plants, they should be fine. Mine could probably survive off just the dew alone. They get mostly all of the mid day sun, just miss a small part of the morning.. Which I know it isn't necessarily ideal to miss the morning sun but the security of the location is more important to me.

    Also I don't use any water crystals but if I did I'd almost certainly never have to water and it would probably be too much.
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    Great advice, thanks! I didn't even think of the morning dew amongst nearby shorter/thick plants. Since you mention "security of the location", I assume it's a guerrilla-grow, yes? And when you say "Ive got my autos in pots", are you referring to regular pots, or some sort of air-pruning type? (I ask from excited curiosity because I have yet to hear from happy guerrilla-grower using air-pruning pots for well-hydrated plants.)

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