Guerrilla Guys Ganja Grow Uk - Journal 2013

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    Welcome to my first grow!
    This is a guerilla outdoor grow in England (South east)

    The plants are:
    x4 Lemon Kush Feminized
    x1 Kerala skunk Regular
    x1 Advanced Afghan Skunk Feminized

    The seeds looked poor quality as they were cheap (apart from one which looked and germed really nice, the advanced afghan skunk)
    however they all germinated anyway and I have now planted them and let them grow for roughly 7 days. The pictures in this post were taken about 4 days ago, i will then post more up to date ones of them today in the next post.

    I planted in biobizz light mix soil, in these small pots that we have loosely buried in the ground. I also had to rip out a load of weeds to make this area accessible, and put a big spiky branch being held up by a spade in the ground, to protect from wildlife a little.
    I'm also aware that rabbits can sometimes go around this area, but I'm not sure if this is the time of the year where they will eat the plants? Hopefully not. They have been going for 7 days and nothing has happened yet.
    also i planted on june 10th so they do not have a lot of time to veg, but i am glad about this because i do not want them to be too tall, this is meant to be stealthy.
    can somebody tell me what date they might start to flower? south east of england i dont know when the light cycle changes to flower.

    one was unhealthy because i accidentally de rooted it, but has now recovered, which i believe is the kerala x skunk.

    also, the healthiest looking one is afghan.
    4 DAYS AGO
    20130614_190412.jpg <--- Our area
    20130614_190427.jpg <--- The unhealthy kerala skunk, (I think) which has grown and is healthy now.
    20130614_190451.jpg <--- Advanced - Afghan Skunk
    20130614_190438.jpg <--- Lemon Kush
    20130614_190520.jpg <--- Lemon Kush
    20130614_190537.jpg <--- Lemon Kush
    20130614_190443.jpg <--- Lemon Kush
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    Here are them today, a week after planting:
    20130617_165826.jpg <--- Lemon kush
    20130617_165851.jpg <--- Lemon kush (Looks dodgy but its just the angle)
    20130617_165922.jpg <--- The other 2 Lemon Kush (2 in one picture)
    20130617_165913.jpg <--- Advanced - Afghan Skunk
    The unhealthy kerala x skunk is only missing because I accidently deleted the picture.
    Next time I will show it, and I saw it today, it looks A LOT better, its perfectly straight, green and happy.
    I left these 4 days, but it rained the first day of the four, and for some reason the pots soil is still quite damp despite the rest of the ground practically dry.
    Is this normal? For the pots to be this wet after 2 or 3 days of no rain?
    The pots have drainage holes but they're buried loosely in the ground, would this have made a difference perhaps?
  3. Following this. Be interesting to see how it turns out.

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