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  1. alright guys so I've just thought of an idea but i need some input because i am a complete noob when it comes to growing. I have an area close to me which is like some lowland high desert mountains, around 2500 to 3500 feet elevation and was thinking of a use for my 30-50 bag seeds i've collected from quite a few good different strains of buds. would it do any good to plant these very close to a small creek in a desolate canyon that runs yearround. the temperatures probably average 90's in the summer maybe a little lower in the aforementioned canyon so i don't know if this is tolerable for cannabis plants but they also dip down in the 60's at night. i am just wondering if this would possibly work any advice helps.

  2. can anybody please tell me if this has would have any moderate chance of success??
  3. hey pal, 
    yes those temperatures are fine to grow your ladies. just make sure they get as much direct sun as possible & you'll do fine. assuming the water from the creek is drinkable, you'll be good to use this too. Never fear, you'll learn the most from giving it a go.
    Read as much as you can (seriously) - read grow guides from germinating to pest control to soil mixes to harvesting. you'll need to know all that information if you expect to get a smokeable harvest. 
    growing weed isnt rocket science so give it a good go, have fun and learn along the way. its a great journey.
  4. As long as you are getting 6+ hours(more the better) of direct light and water 1-2 times a week when it doesnt rain you will be fine. =You should be more concerned about digging 30-50 decent size holes and how easily your crop could be spotted from the air:) Goodluck. 
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    thank you for the reply. they will be in a spot getting about 10-13 hours of sun a day in the peak of summer. 
  6. thank you for the reply, i've read many guides but they've been mainly on indoor so on to the outdoor page. i think i might go for it now. do it for kicks and to learn, if i got a harvest it would be a huge bonus.
  7. I've been thinking of a drip system so i don't have to fill the gas tank as often. is there anyway i could run a hose and drip from the creek directly to the plants? this is the main thing I'm looking into now.
  8. Filter in the creek and lots of hose. I always put a valve in middle of patch to hand water with removable length of hose
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    what kind of filter? (like the same kind of filter for a fish tank?)and how much would a quality one run? i'm pretty sure i could manage with 80-100 feet of hose in a few different sections.
  10. There more to it, You need to bury the line and put it in a deep spot in the creek, as for the filter its not to clean your water its to keep it from clogging.. use 20qz bottle strip off all labels poke/drill lots of holes and duct tape the shit out of so it stay on ( end of season remove ) And don't drink that shit, More than likely has parasites 
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    so would this be a filter that would work or is there a different one that could be water powered that would be better . I'm serious about putting something like this together at home and testing it on the river by my house before going to the spot.
    seedback, on 23 Jul 2013 - 05:57 AM, said:[​IMG]
    "Ever try bottle drip irrigation??? You bury a large jug full of small holes in your planter with the opening just above the soil. Then you fill the bottles up and it slowly releases into the soil."
    i was going through your 2013 outdoor grow journal to soak up some information and came across this. do you think this a realistic idea if set this up and put a drip hose in the jug openings and checked on it about once a week?

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    Sounds beautiful, especially with the creek running through it.  I'd like to go on a nice hike in a place like this.  See where I'm going with this?
    I'd guess a nice spot like this will attract some outdoor adventurers, and everyone is drawn to water.  Definitely follow Hillbillie's advice and plant away from the creek a bit, and use a hose to get the water to the plants.  I can guarantee you a spot like this is no secret, but you can find somewhere close enough that is.
    Is there an abundance of sorrounding foliage in the area to use as cover?  I've grown in the desert, plants stick out like a sore thumb, both from the ground and the air.  You going to have to haul some soil.
    Good luck, you can definitely make that spot work as long as the foot traffic is low enough.
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    it is a multiple mile hike to get in the canyon after a 5-10 mile drive on a high clearance dirt road. there are many rattlesnakes in the summer so not many people go venture there. there is definitely foliage available as many tall plants surround the creek. I plan on doing at least 3 hikes out with my backpacking pack to haul supplies in i just need to get my plan set beforehand
    if i get a good camera later would you guys be interested in some pictures of the area?
  14. yeah mang, of course! sounds wicked. 
  15. @Da Masta Z
    I take it back, sounds better the more I hear.  
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    i did a little online browsing for an area similar to mine and this is a creek a little over 50 miles away in the same general wilderness. the canyon is much deeper and narrow where i am heading and this is a more visited place but i have been to both places in search of wilderness trout in the early season. this April I will plan to take pictures of the beautiful canyon and I'll post pictures of the small, yet beautiful redband trout that was my original calling to the area.
    and if i do get this camera I've been wanting for a while i might have to just post my trips into the idaho backcountry mountain lakes this summer. seems there are at least a few who would appreciate.
    damn if you want to see some great pictures of this wilderness none of my specific area just the broad range take a look at this just came across the album
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    I am still looking for some input on the kind of water powered filter to use in this and if the drip system idea i found earlier would be efficient.

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