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Guerrilla grow 2013

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by sellingkush, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Alright guys this is my first post here so hello everyone =) 
    This is my first grow so i decided to go guerrilla with a couple friends.I know its a little late in the season to fix most of what i've done, but i have loads of questions and opinions to ask.i Have some pictures from earlier in the grow, but will take a while to find them, so you can expect them later hopefully.
    So moving on to the spot, we got a clean rock floor, about 4x6 metres and has a good opening so we get 7-8 hours of direct light. Since its only rock on the floor, and we dont really have a lot of cash, we decided to go with pots. We have 14 plants at the moment, 3 autos have been pulled out a couple weeks early, because of mould and other factors.
    Half of the plants are in 3-3.5 gallon pots, the rest of them is in 2-2.5 gallon pots. The soil is good quality soil(composana) didnt add anything to it. We havent used any nutrients yet, only molasses on flowering autos, so anything you could advise would be nice.I dont live in the states, so brands shouldnt be the same, but just let me know what would be more benefitial to use. Some of the apparent nuts for now, considering their all vegging are white/yellow dots on leaves, which are not mites i dont think so, because they have existed for months now and no apparent sign of them.From what i looked around, seems like a calcium deficiency?need someone to help me with that and how to fix it. Then theres the leaves, some of them are a little light green, i guess thats nitrogen deficiency, since no nutrients were given yet. If anyone could tell me when non autos start flowering on my latitude, even though i know not all strains start at the same time, and none of the seeds were acclimated.
    My latitude is 38N i think, lately been going 31ºC tops, 15ºC min. Water is every 2-4 days, depending on size of the plant/heat, only started using repellent 3 weeks ago(neem oil), and have only used it 3 times,  spraying every plant on all leaves, except flowering plants, which get less of it. Dont think i ever over watered them, and they only got underwatered a couple of times when temps reached 35ºC and above, and we couldnt go there for 3 days, that made us lose a lot of fan fan leaves. Also not testing for runoff water ph, since we dont have a ph tester, water has mostly been bottled water. Should i buy a ph meter if i keep using bottled water?and if i start feeding nutes?
    Alright moving on to the strains, we got 4 autos(blue mystic,fast bud,big devil, big bang), 5 pineapple chunks, one of them is a mother, other 4 are clones, mother plant is 1.5m tall, clones are 20-30 cm tall.They havent shown sex yet, not sure why, but it was a feminised seed, so i hope their all females.Other plants are bagseed.
    The last ones we put out were the autos, and we got them on a water cup on the drawer for 1 day and a half, then inside a semi-open tupperware with a moist paper kitchen towel, and they germed fine. Since the last ones we put outside we kept them home as a seedling for 2 weeks, with barely any growth, we decided to put the rooting seed outside straight off. Of course we didnt really remember the super high temps that time, and we lost about 10 autos, because of fallen vases and seeds of the floor, roasted seedling because of heat, etc, so we got left with these 4.They look healthy, as i said i shall put pics soon, bue their about 20 cm tall, already flowering, a small amount of pistils on top, looking good.
    The 5 pineapple chunks are looking good alwell, no training or topping on any of these yet, nor on the autos, just letting them grow the christmas tree looks :p.
    Then we have 5 bagseeds, one of them had a 3 or 4 day LST 1 month ago or so, and is really bushy, seems like a dominant indica, i had to take a lot of burned leaves from the plant, and decided to take the small growth and leaves on the inner part of the plant, since not a lot of light gets through, some sort of lollypop, and its probably 1.2m tall.Then we have 2 plants which had been in a half gallon container, just because we didnt had the cash yet, so their looking like a small 3 ft tall palm trees, because they lost all their leaves and only kept the top ones.They seem dominant sativas, and are looking really unhealthy, purple/yellow stems, light green/mid yellow leaves, bue we got the transplant so they should make it.Then we have the bagseed bombs, which are the remaining two, one of them beeing 1.7m tall atm, been topped once, but it didnt go well, since it was my first top, so instead of growing 2 tops from the top of the plant, it started growing 2 tops from the node below, since i took the whole thing off on top, leaving nothing to grow, except two giant fan leaves :/, though it did great, and i just topped the 2 tops again, 3 or 4 weeks later, lets see how they do.the second one was in a 3/4 gallon bucket for a long time, so it was starting to get a lot yellow, considering its 1.2m tall, no tops whatsoever made yet, and has been transplanted to 3 gallon pot.
    As for bugs, only problems i seem to be having are aphids, small spiders(not spider mites i think), today i saw a really small worm like half cm big on one of the flowering plants, not sure if its bud worms, but i harvested that one already. And i also seem to be having some orange flees, some weird small grasshoppers and i guess thats it.Some of the leaves are a bit chewed, nothing to worry.
    Sorry about the long post, but here i go for the questions regarding pretty much everything, and once i can ill post pics with the problems, etc.
    For the autos do you think 2 gallons is enough for the soil?
    Should i feed them nutes?if so should i go organic, or chemical?i was thinking guano for flower, topping the soil, though need some response on this.
    Should i use veg nutes and flower nutes, or if not enough cash, which one should i choose?
    Does the veg nut only increase size and health of the plant, or it also affects, density/quality of the buds?
    Does chemical fertilizer, used only during veg, and with a proper flush at the end of flower affect taste?
    Should i use a vegging, nutrient during the whole grow or just for the veg stage?
    What does the flowering nutrient affect on the actual plant?speed in developing buds, taste, yield, density?
    Should i top only the main branches, or should i top the ones that come from the sides, if they reach close to the same height?
    Do you think 7-8 hours direct sunlight is enough for a good grow?and how much it would affect  if i had like 12 for example?
    Should i cover the top of the soil with something to decrease temp in roots, since they dont seem to be growing on the top of the soil?If so, how should i do that?
    As for mould and fungi, anything you can advice, besides not getting the buds wet, and taking off the bud/branch if a cola is affected?
    Thats all for now guys, sorry about the long boring post, i just wanted to get everything i remember here so you can help me with as much as possible.
    Should be posting pics as i take them, and should upload some older pics too.
    Good grows everyone.

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