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  1. How can I maximize my yield if I were to grow a few large strains of autoflowering feminized plants out in a field near a very shallow stream of clean running water???

    The beastly-sized strains I have are Northern Lights, Amnesia, Afghan Kush Ryder, Royal Cheese.

    Air-pruning pots increase yield by 30% or greater I'm told, but by nature they dry out extremely quick, and with no regular watering available they may be worse than "regular" pots. Using Mycorrhizal seems excellent for superior root-health & development.

    Watering regularly may be a concern though, as it may not be possible to make daily visits to the grow-site.

    I appreciate any sound advice, help & suggestions to increase and maximize yield in an autoflower guerrilla grow such as this... Thanks!
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    You are correct in that your air-pruning pots will affect your watering. Their purpose is to help the water dry out faster and allow air to mix which also drys out the pot. This increases growth. So yes it is a give and take to the situation. I did just think of a pretty decent idea though.. You could start with the air pots.. And find out how many times you have to water. If it is too much you could just put the air pots right into a slightly bigger pot which would slow down/stop the water loss effect.

    Basically ingredients for a huge yield starts with monster pots and great soil. Lots of organic compounds. So really unless you could get a huge aero pot it wouldn't help you yield more. Like 10+ gallons. Then get maximum light and just keep the bitches from getting eaten by shit. Set up fences and stuff. I go to mine about once a week and put down cat hair, and spray urine, and also bug spray. They are doing slightly decent.. unfortunately I started them and for their first entire month they had 104 degree temperatures which severely stunted their growth. And this problem hurts auto flowers more than others because they are on a finite time schedule.

    Also I think by the mychrozial thing you mean like the bacteria or micro organisms? Yes that is great for the roots. I have fox farm microbe brew which seems to be doing the trick. But I'm sure you could get something pricier and more natural.

    Good luck.. You must be planning for next year?
  3. Thanks for answering... I'm sorry to hear about your heat-stunted crop, BTW.

    I love your idea about using airpots in conjunction with slightly larger regular pots... It'd provide a bit of the best of both worlds, I suppose, while minimizing the drawbacks of each.

    And yeah, Mycorrhizal is a fungus or something that has a symbiotica relationship with root-structures... It almost provides "new" roots to the plant roots, and increases healthy, nutrient-uptake by the plants roots.

    Thanks for asking, but I am actually asking on account of some autoflowers for this year. (If you don't know already, Autoflowers go through an entire life-cycle-- seed-to-harvest-- in 8 to 10 weeks, so germinating by mid-August means harvest in mid-, maybe late-October)
  4. Less hrs of light will still make smaller plants they do better under 18 or 17 hrs of light for the ones i work with

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