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  1. hey guys, before you ask i did use the search function but i only found threads relating to multi seasonal growing, like starting in fall and harvesting in spring(example).
    ok so i live in scotland and found a nice little spot in amongst a big tall nettle bush that i am going to make a clearing in, its about 10 mins walk from my home. the seeds ordered are below.
    1 x\tLowryder #2 Feminized **FRESH STOCK
    1 x\tWhite Label White Skunk
    Sub Total: \t£53.67

    ok so the seeds should be here in a few days and summer is here, at the moment we are getting good sun and no rain. i havent cleared out the are but it will only take a few hours and i figured i'd do it when the seeds are germinating.
    so what i need to know firstly is whats the best method of germination in my home without being caught.
    secondly what do i need, there is a garden center near me so supplies are no bother.
    do i want to plant straight in soil or in bucket (if so filled with what).
    can i dig a hole for the buckets (if thats the best way) and have them just above the ground to reduce visibillity?
    anything else i need? should i water them daily ect?
    thanks alot

    once my grow is under way i will be taking pictures and writing up on it
  2. also what water do i use? distilled, bottle or what?
  3. ok so i am going to give the spot a second look over, make sure its ok, then soon i will go buy supplies.
    i guess all i need to know right now is what soil should i buy? and what fertiliers/nuitriance should i get
  4. Start them in an airy soil mix (see Dankohzee's soil mix in his sig). Feed them lightly once they have 3 sets of serrated leaves (no "food" for 3-4 weeks). If you use tap water let it evaporate (open container) for 24 hours for chlorine.
    Start in distilled water only (it has no minerals so not good for the plant after). Bottled water is expensive. If you have a water source near your spot try it on some tomatoes for ex if you have a doubt.Place seeds in water for 24 hours. Then place pointy side down. Wet soil before putting in seeds.
    Wait 3-7 days for them to sprout. Water after 1st inch of soil is dry (4-5 days). You can also wait for the soil to be totally dry after a few weeks before watering them. The cotyledons shouldn't shrivel too fast (not a good sign).
    Place them in holes after they are 1 ft tall about.
    4-5 hours sun for seedlings is good. Use morning sun / partial shade so you don't shock them in first days. Then gradually give them more sun when you see they're fine. But tey should be good with the good soil mix (important).


  5. Did you?

    What Corto posted for you + Sticky: Gr0wers, in depth, How to grow outdoors

    Good luck man and hurry up, it's starting to get late for your area!

  6. ill read that thanks, any info on type of soil needed and what plant food, also where can i get distilled water.
    thanks alot
  7. It's all covered by stickies in the appropriate sections.
  8. i read a few stickies included the one you linked and it seems that they all assume prior knowlege, i guess for now all i want is some simple questions answered.
    what germination method should i use (water and paper towel?)
    what soil/nuitrience do i want
    and lastly buckets or plat into the soil?
  9. Soak your beans 24 to 36 hours in distilled water.

    Then put them straight in to a substrate of your choice, nature does not use paper towels.

    I don't know what soil/nutrients you might want...there is too much of a variety to chose from.

    You have to educate yourself first to make the right choice(s) and be able to reflect the flexibility you need to be able to handle possibility's coming up (such as deficiencies etc.)

    I am not trying to sound arrogant or not wanting to help but EVERYTHING is covered in the stickies already, you just have to read them to decide what is right for you/suits your needs and individual situation.

  10. ok, thanks anyway.
    dont suppose you know of any other usefull guides?
  11. there's 2 seedling soil mixes (Dank and Canth') in the outdoor sticky we set up (outdoor section last page). GL.
  12. Demineralized water is found in supermarkets it's to fill up irons.
  13. kool thanks ill go read that sticky, what tubs do you guys use? will my garden centre sell something appropriate
  14. My seedling mix this year is two measures of peat/forest product substrate - gives the roots something to grow into and stores water. A measure of sand and a measure of volcanic rock chips - helps provide drainage. A measure of wormcasts - for nutrition. And an ounce of crushed eggshell per gallon. Seems to work well.

    found it, what type of sand, where do you get volcanic rock chips and what are rock chips, i thaught all that was needed for an outdoor grow is a bag of some good soil.
    can anyone reccomend a brand of soil in the uk or what traits i should look for.
  15. perlite or lava chips or clay balls (anything to give air)
    builder's sand (construction shop)
    You'll find all that no problem.

    If you just put reg. soil, they'll be stifled and not grow and die. You need air in there too.
  16. is the sand nessacary? there are no construction shops around me, howeve there is a beach?
    also what are lava chips? like what you put at the bottom of fish bowls?
  17. sand isn't necessary. It'll drain without giving air. Lava or clay balls or perlite or vermiculite will drain and give air (vermic and perlite also hold water, vermic. more than perlite). You need 1/3rd of airy stuff in the mix for them to do the best.
  18. You can get half decent soil/compost from any garden supplier (B&Q etc), most of them are available with peat already mixed in, a 70 litre bag should be about £4-6 and would be plenty for 3 plants just avoid anything with slow release nutrients or fertilisers.

    As for vermiculite and perlite Wilkinsons sell it for £1 for 5litres, I would use at least one bag of each well mixed with your compost to give about 10-30% of your total soil mix. You could also use gravel from the beach but it MUST be washed thotoughly to remove any salt or it WILL kill your plants. They also sell copper foil tape which will keep slugs and snails away from you plants, a tin can with the top and bottom removed placed at the base of the plant will also help keep the pests off if you cant get the tape.

    When your plants have germinated I would also use some 2-3 litre pop bottles with the bottoms cut off placed over your plants to prevent your plants chilling overnight for the first several weeks as this is the most vunerable time for your plants.

    Keep it green.
  19. Much better and safer to buy it from a builders´ merchant - just costs pennies - same with sand.
  20. thanks alot guys seeds came today (ordered yesterday, wow)
    so im going to the garden centre tomorrow and i will make a list of what to get, however i am still a little lost. distilled or ionised water? i looked in tesco today and saw nothing that indicated either of the two, should i use tap water but leave it out? if so leave how much out where and for how long.

    ok so the list is
    gallon tubs or pots (will simple plant pots do?)
    compost (any brand, type or ingediance i should look for?)
    copper foil
    any thing i missed?
    thanks alot guys!

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