Guerilla Growers and Backyard Growers

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  1. I've noticed that there are a significant amount of Guerrilla growers on this site that have their own "clique". They only compliment each others grows, and if the grow is not a guerilla grow, then they never comment. I am not saying that ALL guerilla growers are like this, but I do not understand the segregation. Aren't we all growing the same lovely plant? I have no discrimination when I look at someones grow. Whether indoor(hydro, soil, aero, etc) or outdoor (guerilla, backyard, greenhouse, etc) I like to spread the positive vibes to the growers of this plant. I noticed that the indoor growers have their debates (hydro vs. soil, etc) but it never divided them. I've seen a divide since the beginning. I think we should all unite. Who cares where the fuck we are growing? Why the hate? I am not going to mention any names cause you know who you are and if this applies to you. I just wish we could encourage each other more, instead of developing cliques.

    So to ALL growers, lets realize that we all have the same goal, and that we should be on the same team.

  2. +1 rep.
  3. i only fucks with guerillas cus thats what im about/doin
  4. whats the dif between the grows? i think im just a backyard grower new to this 1st year
  5. There are a lot of differences, but I agree with OP.
  6. the difference in the grows-
    different mediums.
    different people...
    well to say the least, pretty much no difference.
  7. Sorry but this simply isn't true.

    When you are doing a backyard grow you can go tend to your plants MUCH easier than Guerrilla. If there is an issue it's a little harder to monitor when you have a couple hour trip to check on them. Also if I was growing in my yard I could let my plants go longer, but for stealth/ transportation reasons when frost comes I simply cannot cover and uncover my plants every night.

    Also, wildlife. I don't know about you but in the woods it's a much bigger/harder problem to deal with than in your yard. Most guerilla growers cannot check on their plants every day or multiple times a day like a backyard grower can.

    Rippers - This is the #1 difference.. Rippers follow trails, so when hauling water, soil, ferts, plants etc into grow area you have to do what you can to cover your trail.. even when doing this you still have a chance of getting ripped. IF you are very quiet about backyard growing, have them hidden well... what are the chances of people randomly snooping for plants in your yard? Rippers snoop in the woods like us growers scout for grow spots!

    Last but certainly not least, you are growing on (usually crown) land when doing Gurilla, and if done right it is anonymous so if the cops find your grow, they just take the plants.. whereas if you have them growing in your flower garden in YOUR yard.. things will usually play out differently.

    This is not a hate post, just outlining the differences, and there are many.. when I get a house I will be doing both backyard and Guerilla.

  8. How do you know a member viewed a thread and did not comment?

    I do not really see any hate at all. Or even divided.

    So how do you know a member is discriminating in threads that they do not even comment on?

    I never really even thought about it until now. I know I do not comment on every thread.

  9. My bizzer...wasnt looking to read a story, i knew i wasnt 100% correct, but the main point in that post was that its the same plants, no matter how hard or easy it is to take care of, although im sure the fruits of a guerilla grow are much more enjoyable with all the devotion it took to see it all the way through.
  10. this site seems to have a larger percentage of relatively younger members that may not be able for some reason or another grow by any other means than geurilla grows. I know this is true in my case. Although I see no difference between indo and outdo when I go to research my new hobby. Cannabis is cannabis indo or not. All good advice can be aplcicable to our little "projects"

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