Gucci mane la flare

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  1. who else listen to the hottest rapper in the south right now? i know i do..

    bling blaow burrr
  2. i love gucci mane especially high


    anyone listen to wacka flocka too??
  3. Gucci is good through good speakers but i cant listen to him through my headphones he cant rap jus has catchy phrases and sick beats. Hes still on my itunes tho lol
  4. hell yeah son waka flacka flame is that shit too!
  5. Wow...both these dudes are garbage.

  6. :hello: his name is whacka what? if it has whack in it i dont wanna hear it
  7. both of yall are whack

    keep listenin to your lame ass underground dictionary rappers that aint never gonna go platinum or sell out any stadiums lmao...

    so icey ENT!! burr
  8. Is this thread a joke? Seriously.

    I thought Gucci just appealed to retarded people who claim to listen to rap.

    Actual Rapping >>>>>>>> Gucci even if my rappers don't sell out any stadiums I atleast enjoy the music.
  9. Thats the point. Underground is meant for a smaller, select fanbase, unlike that crappy Gucci Wack bull that you and a million other drones listen to.
  10. So, i should choose my music based on how many records they sell and how big their shows are???
  11. Based off of what Haze said, then yes. Otherwise your rapper is shitty if he doesn't sell mad records.
  12. everyone hatin on gucci mane needs to get out. his songs are bangers for bumpin in the car and at clubs. his lyrics are ight but people like his songs cause u could just bump it. nd no one could say gucci mane is fake cause he killed a dude so he could rock the tear drops
  13. nah i listen to real rap.. yall just listen to fake ass poetry over a beat.. thats all that underground shit is... metaphors n symbolism n shit... gucci mane spits some real shit... that shit that you can jus bang in the car in the club at a party or jus at home n burn some blunts to it... GUCCI!
  14. hahaha, so real rap is shit you can bang in a car that has no metaphors and sybolism?
  15. Yea man, wheres the heart and soul in mainstream rap? The mainstreams about the money and how many people it appeals to, not the music.
  16. Waka go harder than Gucci if you ask me..
    Its down south music..
  17. you dont understand what im sayin son.. i mean real like what he talkin bout is real.. not real like that shit has to do with the commandments and rules of hiphop n all that lame shit... he talkin bout some real shit so its real rap
  18. Lol at how haze's rep went to red once he posted this.
  19. Money bitches and cars???
  20. nah son cookin crack

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